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October 29, 2010

The definition of “Amateur”

by heatherkp

I got my most recent TOAST catalog and it had a brief definition of amateur that peaked my interest. Photo Courtesy of TOAST AW10iii house & home catalog

An amateur (French amateur “lover of”, from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, “lover”) is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without pay and often without formal training.   The term, deriving from words for “lover”, reflects a voluntary motivation to work as a result of personal interest in the activity. As a value system, amateurism elevates things done with self-interest or for their own intrinsic value above those done for pay. (courtesy of wikipedia)

I love this reminder!  Okay, so I have to say that in a lot of respects I’d much rather be an AMATEUR at something and really love it than be a PROFESSIONAL and hate it.  I am an amateur at a lot of things and they are all things I love to do.  Among them, photography, gardening, cooking, sewing, weaving, knitting, painting, design and of all sorts of other creative pursuits.

I am often asked,  “are you a professional…” fill in the blank.  “I’m not a professional…” I say feeling as thought I have to defend my stance but now I think instead I’ll say “I’m a passionate Amateur and sure I can help you with that!”

When you hire someone, would you rather them be a passionate amateur or a uninspired professional?

October 28, 2010

Soaring from the swamp

by heatherkp

I’m sure you are wondering what I am talking about with a title like that.  Well, last week was one of those weeks where I felt like I was trudging through the swamp.  Every step I took left me feeling heavier and more bogged down!  I am currently juggling a lot of different activities and along with that I am having to learn a lot of new things.  My brain was just on overload last week but somewhere along the line I broke free and now I feel like I’m soaring above it all!  Here are a few sneak peaks of what I’ve been working on

I’m building my new website and  here are a few elements of my design.  I’ve had some freelance carpet design work.  I’ve did a photo shoot with some great jewelry and great models (more to come soon I promise!).…and we went to Circ du Soleil~Ovo this past Saturday which was pure inspiration, maybe it was all those acrobatic moves that got me soaring!

October 25, 2010

Brazilian Graffiti ART

by heatherkp

Here is something fun to inspire you for the beginning of the week.  This came to me by way of CMG‘s weekly newsletter on color inspiration and the colors used here are incredibly inspirational and unexpected in some cases.  I find so much more than the colors here inspiring though.  The level of talent and the amazing applications of this graffiti or street art in Brazil is so inspirational.  These artists probably don’t have formal art educations or training but they have managed to express themselves in an authentic way and have made names (even if their identities are not truly known) for themselves.  I love that graffiti is showing up on so many surfaces (cars, 3-d sculptures on the street and in museums).  I have always been a fan of graffiti because it is just a little bit mis-understood and socially unacceptable.

Check out some of the related articles below also, there is a lot of talk about this medium of self expression.



October 21, 2010

Keep doing what you do best!

by heatherkp

I recently had a discussion with someone about freelance work and trying to find new leads /determine how to navigate this world when it’s new to you.  There are a LOT of talented people out there right now who are looking for work, whether that be a 9-5 job in a corporate environment or freelance work aka…starting your own business.  For many creative people the whole experience of navigating the business world can be intimidating and frustrating but please persevere!  Doing what you do best means you will get to do what you are talented at, what you love and what you are passionate about.  But we also have to do things that we are not so good at to grow.

I find myself constantly comparing my successes with other people “in my field” and this makes me feel I am constantly falling short.  Right now it is easier than ever to create a self-made “identity” through websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. but I am finding through my real life interactions with “online” people that it’s the those that are true to themselves and authentic who seem to create a buzz.  When you venture out in to the world (ww) are you creating an authentic identity that reflects you?  If so you will begin to draw the type of people you want to work with towards you.  This will allow you to continue to do whatever it is that you do best!

Birds Fly, Flowers Bloom, Cheetahs Run…what is it that you do best?  What is it you love to do?  Go out there and do more of it!

October 15, 2010

Bountyful Beauty

by heatherkp

Have a beautiful weekend and I hope you can get out and enjoy some of the bounty of the season!

October 8, 2010

If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here!

by heatherkp

Just a little thank you to my wonderful, generous, loving and supportive husband who wholeheartedly supports my entrepreneurial adventure.

Photo copywrite Liz Power Photography

Thanks sweet for 6 years of marriage and 16 years as my best friend and love of my life.

October 7, 2010

Online Craft~e~Class Roundup

by heatherkp

I wanted to share some great online classes being offered around the www with you in honor of American Craft Week.  I think there already is and will continue to be a growing trend in online workshops.  It is such a great way to learn and network!  Of course there are a TON of free online tutorials out there as well but these workshops are geared towards accomplishing something specific, a project (or multiple) etc.

First up my pal Betz White is offering a Felt & Stitch Holiday Workshop where you will make 8 adorable and clever holiday gifts and ornaments in 4 weeks.  It seems like a bargain at $40 and she always inspires with new ides for recycling materials!  I’ve had the pleasure of assisting Betz with a live workshop and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

There are some great inspirational Journaling workshops over at Journal Craft Inspiration.  There is at least one that is on-going.

Okay, this isn’t a Craft class but Scoutie Girl ~ Tara Gentile ~offers a lot of great online/e courses on business tricks and blogging etc.  I am super excited to be participating in her Web Site Kick start class coming up soon!

And there is a whole roundup of craft~E~classes over at E Craft Classes, check them out!

Please leave comments if you know of any other great e~craft classes.

I hope you are enjoying the craft bounty that is upon us this week!

October 5, 2010

Hello American Craft Week

by heatherkp

How are you celebrating Crafts this week?  I posted last week about the upcoming Crafting a Nation conference this Friday and Saturday in DC.  Or maybe you saw the video featuring the Sugarlof Craft Festival which will be in it’s 2nd MD location this weekend.  If you live near Gaithersburg, MD there is also the Kentlands Mansion Fine Arts and Craft show.  Maybe you don’t live anywhere nearby, if that’s the case then check out this Festival Network website to find shows and festivals near you.  There are also state by state crafty events listed on the American Craft Week website.

I have already been celebrating craft by working on some crafty gifts and new projects.  I knitted up a baby hat as a gift, it came out pretty cute and was a super quick knit.

I’ve also got 2 other projects on the needles, a mens knit hat and the beginnings of a stash busting blanket using up bits of yarn.  I’ve been taking this project with me and have discovered how engaging crafting in public is.  It really is an icebreaker and there are SO many knitters out there!  I rarely get into the knitting mood in the summer so usually as soon as the weather begins to cool off I hit up this hobby with a vengeance.

One other crafty project I’m currently working on is a collaboration with crafty friend and it involves using up bits of scrap decorator fabric samples (that would otherwise be thrown away by designers and showrooms!).  I’m having a lot of fun with this and will reveal the finished collaborative project once they are complete.

I hope you are finding a way to get crafty this week either by yourself with friends or with your kids, it’s the perfect time to get started making that Halloween costume or Holiday gifts.  Go ahead, celebrate what may be the oldest hobby of all by making something that is functional~get crafty!

October 3, 2010

Preview: Sugarloaf Crafts Festival – Video – WBAL Baltimore

by heatherkp

Preview: Sugarloaf Crafts Festival – Video – WBAL Baltimore.