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June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wellness::Risk and Fearlessness

by heatherkp

I’m taking a quick jaunt back into my Wednesday Wellness series to share a few thoughts on Wellness and fear, fear of Risk to be more specific.

I’ve been taking on a lot of “new” lately which requires a healthy dose of fearlessness.  I’ve always thought of myself as pretty adaptable to change, that is until the last several years.

Somewhere along the lines in my corporate design job and suburban lifestyle I got a little too comfortable (in my opinion). 

Then the unthinkable happened (loosing my job).  This was the thing I was most afraid of (but secretly wished for as well!).  Afterwards I decided not to rush myself into anything which was a good choice in hindsight but…

I spent the better part of last year practically paralized by fear of the unknown. 

I was unwilling to make a decision about what I wanted to do next because I was so afraid of not doing it perfectly, failing, not being happy with my new choices, not pleasing those around me etc…I’m sure you can probably relate right?  I can’t say I was exactly aware that I was paralized by fear but somewhere along the lines when I decided I’d had enough and set my intention on Clarity things slowly began to change for me.  I started to move towards risk and allow a little bit of fearlessness to creep into my routines.

What I’m coming to realize now is that it’s healthy and rewarding to invite risk into your life but the consequences may totally upset your balance for awhile.  I’m learning to live within this new state of unknown.  It is not always easy, sometimes I feel like I can’t get a deep breath, sometimes I am just exhausted and sometimes I need a day with a book or time at the pool to totally recharge and feel that deeper sense of calm inside me.

The big risk of deciding to start my own business in a field that I was formerly almost unfamiliar with didn’t feel so much like a leap off a cliff but now that I’m falling (into grace) I can look up and see how far I’ve come and that I have my parachute attached.  Somewhere inside myself I know how to do this, it came so much easier when I was younger but I’m learning to take on risk and to be more fearless by taking baby steps each day.

I’m taking more risks in my art, trying new techniques and approaches and being less judgmental of my own work.

I’m pushing myself to talk about my business in front of strangers on a regular weekly basis!

I am changing my dietary habits to reflect changes in my body (I’ve gone almost totally gluten free).

I’m re-trying things I use to love doing but somewhere along the lines stopped doing (swimming, tennis, bike riding).

I’m attending ART Camp (this is a bucket list item).

I’m growing food for myself (in a community garden plot).

I’m letting my grip on money become a little less rigid.  It will be there when I need it but I also need to enjoy the present, not in an extravagant way but I’m also no longer going to deprive myself of certain things-BALANCE.

That last word, that’s what it’s all about.  Striking a new balance between risk and easy…

What are you afraid of, what risks would you take if you knew you would not fail?  Living in fear is not living well!

June 28, 2011

Texture Tuesday & Homework Link Up

by heatherkp

We are officially in the dog days of summer and I’m playing along again this week with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  To me this image represents the epitome of summer skies, blue and bright with the golden rays of the sun shining.

I’ve been feeling a little down for the past few days and spent some time in the sun swimming some laps today.  Gliding through the water and gazing up at the sun really recharged my batteries.  I grew up swimming, born in the Philippines I swam before I walked (like almost literally!) and I was on the swim team year round until High school.  I don’t swim laps as much now but today as I was doing so I realized that I need to push myself to get back to this free and fantastic form of exercise.  Something about being in the pool, swimming and enjoying the sun brings back my youthful energy!

My indoor projects have been quite varied over the past couple weeks.  Tomorrow I’ll fill you in with a few behind the scenes bits of info about things I’ve been doing lately (and a little bit on how to organizing for being away on vacation) but today I’m going to leave you with a little homework project I began for my upcoming trip to Penland at the end of next week!   My instructor, Jason Pollen, gave each of the students an assignment to come up with several (or more) 8″ x 8″ collages using paper, paint, doodles, fabric, whatever we want.  He only asked that we keep them simple and try to resist our natural draw to certain color combinations.  Freedom is what’s being encouraged!

As I’m sharing these here I’m also taking part in the Homework Inspiration Board Link Up for the first time.  Check out what some of the other participants are making.

I’ve created 5 so far and I’m going to shoot for about 5 more before I leave.  It’s been a great way for me to build up anticipation for this class.

This last one I made today.  I was inspired by some origami and a piece of fabric I had from a quilt my mom started for me when I was little.  It never got finished so it’s kind of ironic that I am playing around with quilting with it now because I do NOT quilt!  The blocks just happened to be 8″ x 8″ so they naturally made their way into this project. I think I like how the back came out just as well as the front.

I can’t wait to go to Art camp, can you tell I’m excited?

June 20, 2011

25 Random Things

by heatherkp

Since I haven’t been very faithful to blog lately I thought I’d pop in with something fun to share.  I love to learn random things about people, don’t you?  Here are 25 Random things you may not know about me:

1. I have a good sense of direction.
2. I believe in ghosts.
3. I was born in the Philippines.
4. I loved living in the South and want to live there again someday.
5. I don’t forgive others as easily as I probably should.
6. I have a sweet tooth (inherited from my dad).
7. I cherish my friendships and will work to keep the good ones.
8. I am naive (see #2 & 9:)
9. I saw god when I was little.
10. I once swallowed a thumbtack (I was about 8).
11.  I forged my dads’s notes to skip school in HS (I already confessed this to him).
12. I LOVE sitting on my deck for morning tea or dining alfresco.
13. I don’t pay for mani-pedicures so I indulge in lots of nail polish.
14. I do not love mopping floors (I love the look of hard floors but not the maintenance!).
15. I have a loom that’s not assembled that I purchased 5 years ago!
16. I bought my wedding dress and shoes in Italy.
17. I spent a month in Asia for my previous job.
18. I’ve practiced Yoga for 8 years now (usually 2-3x per week).
19. I love to try new things, thus starting a totally new career feels great to me!
20. I became a Master Gardener while living in GA (I was bored I guess?) where I had a half acre yard.
21. I stopped drinking coffee regularly about 6 months ago (I have it on occasion still).
22. I’ve been writing in a journal again every AM for almost 5 years now (what am I going to do with all those journals?).
23. I believe in therapy and coaching to live more mindfully, become more self-aware and I’ve used both therapists and coaches to do so.
24. Green is my favorite color.
25.  I signed a contract agreeing not to complain (gossip, criticism or whining) and have had to resign it 3 times in the last 3 months.

June 14, 2011

Shadows of Green light

by heatherkp

Apologies for not being more present here on the blog.  This photo symbolizes a few of the things I’ve been doing lately.

  • I visited a friends art show at the Glenview Mansion Gallery where I captured these lovely shadows which reminded me of a scroll rug I recently designed for a new client (yes:) I still do a bit of custom designing).
  • I’ve been cooking and freezing quite a bit of strawberry goodness since the strawberry season is just about over.
  • I’ve also been doing a bit of gardening and a lot of watering since we’ve had basically no rain for the past 2 weeks and record breaking temperatures.

For today’s Texture Tuesday image I used a couple layers of my own photos along with Kim’s Peeling Paint texture (it’s in her textures in 10 gift pack).

This week I’ve got organizing client apointments, will be completing the rug design I mentioned above and finishing a commission art piece for a hair salon (the second of two pieces).  I’ll be visiting the Textile Museum’s Green exhibit with a college friend who’s in town this week, I can’t wait to see him!  And, I am really excited about the business cards I ordered today from I really wanted to go with a local printer but in the end it was more important to find a quality printer that offered me the selection of 100% recycled content paper and eco friendly printing options I wanted at a fair price.  Green Printer did just that and I can’t wait to see them when they are done!

With all this green popping up, I just have to mention another little project I’m playing along with called Project Spectrum.  Last month the color was Red, this month, it’s all about Green.  If you are interested in finding out more visit the Facebook page or the Flickr group to participate in the remaining months of the project (there’s lots to come!).

What do you have planned for this week?