“Heather has been a source of inspiration for me since we first met 11 years ago. She knows how to take initiative, thinking creatively and generating ideas, and is comfortable as a team player, ready to provide feedback and support her colleagues. Heather is capable of both identifying problems and generating solutions. I admire her endless energy, motivation and resourcefulness.”~

Juliana Polastri, Senior Designer, Tai Ping Carpets

“I have really enjoyed working with Heather on my hotel projects. Our collaborations have resulted in fabulous designs that are both beautiful and extremely well received by the Owners, Brands, and Guests. I have always been excited to work on any project where Heather has been the lead designer. Together, we have embraced researching historical and current inspirations. She is a master at incorporating this research into her work, to bring fresh, energetic, and inspiring design ideas to each project. She pushes the boundaries of both technical and design aesthetic to create innovative new solutions. Her ability to clearly interpret the project’s design vision both visually and verbally make it a pleasure to partner with her on product development. She is dedicated to delivering designs customized to each clients needs. She is vibrant and fun to work with and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her again (and again).”

Tobin Schermerhorn, Owner, Cauhaus Designs

“Heather’s work speaks for itself. Her design work is beautifully rendered, with attention to detail unsurpassed. Heather’s gift is further extended in her ability to produce what her client’s are asking for. I had the good fortune of meeting Heather during my employment at Tai Ping Carpets and found her to be superior in both talent and communication skills. Any client fortunate enough to work with her, is in the best of hands. I recommend her as a highly skilled professional in the area of commercial carpet design, who is creative, reliable and hard working.”

Deborah Hernandez, Owner-Director of Design, The Rug Designer’s Studio Inc

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