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October 21, 2010

Keep doing what you do best!

by heatherkp

I recently had a discussion with someone about freelance work and trying to find new leads /determine how to navigate this world when it’s new to you.  There are a LOT of talented people out there right now who are looking for work, whether that be a 9-5 job in a corporate environment or freelance work aka…starting your own business.  For many creative people the whole experience of navigating the business world can be intimidating and frustrating but please persevere!  Doing what you do best means you will get to do what you are talented at, what you love and what you are passionate about.  But we also have to do things that we are not so good at to grow.

I find myself constantly comparing my successes with other people “in my field” and this makes me feel I am constantly falling short.  Right now it is easier than ever to create a self-made “identity” through websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. but I am finding through my real life interactions with “online” people that it’s the those that are true to themselves and authentic who seem to create a buzz.  When you venture out in to the world (ww) are you creating an authentic identity that reflects you?  If so you will begin to draw the type of people you want to work with towards you.  This will allow you to continue to do whatever it is that you do best!

Birds Fly, Flowers Bloom, Cheetahs Run…what is it that you do best?  What is it you love to do?  Go out there and do more of it!