Hello American Craft Week

by heatherkp

How are you celebrating Crafts this week?  I posted last week about the upcoming Crafting a Nation conference this Friday and Saturday in DC.  Or maybe you saw the video featuring the Sugarlof Craft Festival which will be in it’s 2nd MD location this weekend.  If you live near Gaithersburg, MD there is also the Kentlands Mansion Fine Arts and Craft show.  Maybe you don’t live anywhere nearby, if that’s the case then check out this Festival Network website to find shows and festivals near you.  There are also state by state crafty events listed on the American Craft Week website.

I have already been celebrating craft by working on some crafty gifts and new projects.  I knitted up a baby hat as a gift, it came out pretty cute and was a super quick knit.

I’ve also got 2 other projects on the needles, a mens knit hat and the beginnings of a stash busting blanket using up bits of yarn.  I’ve been taking this project with me and have discovered how engaging crafting in public is.  It really is an icebreaker and there are SO many knitters out there!  I rarely get into the knitting mood in the summer so usually as soon as the weather begins to cool off I hit up this hobby with a vengeance.

One other crafty project I’m currently working on is a collaboration with crafty friend and it involves using up bits of scrap decorator fabric samples (that would otherwise be thrown away by designers and showrooms!).  I’m having a lot of fun with this and will reveal the finished collaborative project once they are complete.

I hope you are finding a way to get crafty this week either by yourself with friends or with your kids, it’s the perfect time to get started making that Halloween costume or Holiday gifts.  Go ahead, celebrate what may be the oldest hobby of all by making something that is functional~get crafty!

3 Comments to “Hello American Craft Week”

  1. Wow! Look at all you have on the needles! Good for you for getting back into the knitting. I am almost done with my Coquette shawl from Knitty.

  2. I have never learned to knit, but have been inspired recently. One of my son’s classmates has been diagnosed with Leukemia. She is 6 years old and has gone through one round of chemo. She is in remission(yea!!!) but still has 2 rounds of chemo left. I would love to knit this beautiful little girl a soft hat for winter. Is learning to knit hard? What is the best way to start?

    • Hi Ginny, what an inspiring reason to learn to krit. A hat is a pretty simple and quick knit. I’d recommend starting with just practicing some knit and purl stitches on a simple scarf or something. You should go to the library and see if there are some learning to knit books to check out and browse through. There are some great video’s on u-tube (just type in learning to knit or as you progress any term you want to see and example of) and an awesome online resource and knitting community you might want to join is Ravelry. It’s free and you can search for patterns, down load them, store them, favorite them etc…go check it out. Also some great knitting forums. Let me know if you join and I can show you around a little.

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