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October 7, 2010

Online Craft~e~Class Roundup

by heatherkp

I wanted to share some great online classes being offered around the www with you in honor of American Craft Week.  I think there already is and will continue to be a growing trend in online workshops.  It is such a great way to learn and network!  Of course there are a TON of free online tutorials out there as well but these workshops are geared towards accomplishing something specific, a project (or multiple) etc.

First up my pal Betz White is offering a Felt & Stitch Holiday Workshop where you will make 8 adorable and clever holiday gifts and ornaments in 4 weeks.  It seems like a bargain at $40 and she always inspires with new ides for recycling materials!  I’ve had the pleasure of assisting Betz with a live workshop and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

There are some great inspirational Journaling workshops over at Journal Craft Inspiration.  There is at least one that is on-going.

Okay, this isn’t a Craft class but Scoutie Girl ~ Tara Gentile ~offers a lot of great online/e courses on business tricks and blogging etc.  I am super excited to be participating in her Web Site Kick start class coming up soon!

And there is a whole roundup of craft~E~classes over at E Craft Classes, check them out!

Please leave comments if you know of any other great e~craft classes.

I hope you are enjoying the craft bounty that is upon us this week!