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May 31, 2011

Growth Behind the Scenes

by heatherkp

I’m playing along again today with Texture Tuesday and have used the new and lovely texture called “Stained Linen” by Kim Klassen.  This week’s them is Gardens.  Behind the scenes here I’ve got some garden spaces in my yard, I do a lot of container gardening and this year I decided to sign up for a community garden plot for the first time.  I kept it small with a 200′ square foot plot which I’ve managed to almost fully plant.  I got a late start because of the freaky wet and cool weather we had and now all my little babies are roasting out there!  Hopefully the weather will balance out a little bit in the coming weeks.  Most of what I’m growing I started by seed, including a row of sunflowers.

This little Eggling contains a sunflower that I started about a week ago.  This was a Christmas gift from my brother and sister in law and I finally decided to give it a try.  I took my time to crack it open and have been watching the sunflower sprout on my kitchen windowsill.  I think I’ll transplant this baby out and use the eggling for starting seeds.  I’ll start a Nasturtium next.

There’s a lot of other growth going on behind the scenes here as well.  This past week we had all new hard wood floors installed and are still busy painting all our walls, ceilings and trim.  When we are done I’ll post photos of what will be a practically new main floor of our home.  I’m loving the fresh new start!

What do you have growing right now?


May 25, 2011

Wednesday’s Wishes

by heatherkp

I like the idea of sharing my wishes with you, so here are a few that have been on my mind lately:

  • More Sun Showers like the one above, one of my favorite things about spring(& summer).
  • Approval of our latest health insurance plan (boy am I wishing Hard for this one).
  • More Americans would understand what an unjust sham our Health Insurance industry is with a strangle hold on each of us!
  • Those tentative new clients will turn into sure bets -you know who you are if your reading this:)
  • A couple more weeks before we go into HOT & HUMID DC summer weather, please?
  • Something and someone fun to spend time with this holiday weekend.  Need to make this one happen myself.
  • I could see my friend Julie one last time before she moves back to Australia. I don’t think it’s going to happen though (I’ll miss you Jules!)
  • A future trip to Australia one day with the promise of seeing a long time friend.
  • A couple friends who have been long lost would reach out.
  • An easy time migrating my blog over to launch on my website (soon!).
  • The strength to meet my challenges and the flexibility to handle them with ease.
May 24, 2011

What’s bugging me? Termites vs Ants…

by heatherkp

Small but mighty damage they bring!!  Termites have invaded and currently my house is in utter chaos due to them.  As I listen to my hardwood floors being ripped up I am thinking of the beautiful new floors that will be installed in a few days and am glad we will be treating tomorrow to rid our home of these nasty little devils.

This year has also been particularly bad for ants in the mid Atlantic area.   I hear that carpenter Ants and termites go hand and hand so they will be treating for them as well.  All of this may be a strange lead up to the photo I’m sharing for today’s Texture Tuesday but I wanted to share some good Ants with you and escape from the chaos below into the beauty of a simple blossom.

My Peonies are in full bloom right now and the other day as I was outside appreciating their beauty, I wondered what attracts the ants to these blossoms.  This is one situation where the ants are not destructive and the peonies don’t need them to pollinate (it’s a myth that I had never bothered to research till now).  The ants are neutral and are simply attracted to the sweet nectar of the blooms and do not harm the plants.   In fact there is speculation and study that they may be aiding in the opening of the blossoms which are so tightly closed.  Since I have enough critters in my house at the moment I picked myself a couple blooms to enjoy inside being sure to leave the ants outdoors.

What’s Bugging you today?

May 22, 2011

Sorry but I can’t promise…

by heatherkp

I haven’t been around the blog lately and I’m sorry.

I can only say that big things are happening behind the scenes.  My attention is being fully absorbed by the many small and grand tasks involved in launching a new business.

Each Sunday I spend a little time reflecting on all that I’ve accomplished in the past week and this week was quite full!  I also set my schedule and goals for the upcoming week and give myself priorities to focus on.

This past week I…

  • Attended various networking events with over 450 people!
  • Planted my community garden plot (mostly veggies as well as some herbs and flowers).
  • Joined NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers
  • Attended a class to continue educating myself in Organizing skills
  • Obtained Business liability insurance
  • Located a Health insurance Broker and applied for yet another individual health insurance plan (this is a challenging mission!).
  • Enjoyed some local spring produce (finally it’s back!) from Normans Farm Market CSA
  • Consulted with my graphic designer to finalize business cards
  • Stopped to enjoy the peonies, iris, bachelors buttons and columbine blooming in my garden (there will be photo’s soon!)
  • Ate my first home grown strawberry and chased off a couple squirrels stealing them!
  • Started eating a gluten free diet and thank goodness for the fresh produce.
  • Completed an art commission for a friends hair salon!

    Detail of Blue Swirl Poppies

See, I told  you there’s a lot going on behind the scenes!  Not to mention this coming week our entire main level will be having all the hard wood floors removed (we’ve got termites:( and replaced.  Ughh, the good news is all new floors!  So with all this craziness I’m not going to make any promises about when I’ll be back but I will and I’ll do my best to stop in more regularly!

May 3, 2011

Take a moment today…

by heatherkp

…to enjoy a little clariTEA!

I’ve been practicing better time tracking which gives me clarity about what I need to be doing each day.  I also allow myself a little down time to reflect and enjoy the moment.

What do you do to find clarity?

This week I’m playing along again with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday and have used her textures Chamomile and magic edges.