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May 16, 2012

Women for Women Wednesday

by heatherkp

I missed International Women’s day on May 8th but I’ve seen so many fantastic women for women stories and websites recently I thought I’d share a few.  I found this beautiful video about the work that Kate Spade is doing with Women for Women in the latest issue of Lonny Magazine.  Check out the video and the free digital magazine, this issue hits it out of the park-REALLY Fantastic!

On a local level I will be joining ECEW [East Cooper Entrepreneurial  Women] in the next month or so now that I’m in Charleston.  On any level weather it be local or international we women have to stick together and support one another.  Especially in light of the recent attacks on women’s rights!

“Just think GUNS have a constitutional amendment protecting them

and WOMEN don’t.” -Eleanor Smeal

However you are inspired to help other women, in your community or in a community somewhere else around the globe I hope you will find the recent assaults on women’s rights a call to action.  Below are some fantastic organizations doing so much for women.

Women around the world still struggle for equal rights, here in the USA it’s not a matter of life and death for most of us but I hope you will remember that we haven’t gained our equality yet and there is so much more that we need to do, for ourselves and for our sisters around the world!

January 13, 2011

Book Review::Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire

by heatherkp

I finished reading this just recently and LOVED it!  I have read a lot of business books and this one has such a refreshingly different point of view; A WOMAN’S.

Did you ever read French Women Don’t Get Fat?  We if you did, you probably loved it and your bound to love this book also by Mireille Guiliano.

This woman is a powerhouse, she’s the best of French and American cultures rolled into one.  She knows style, has class, is smart, savvy and sexy.  In this book she teaches you a little bit about how to turn all of these to your advantage.  I thought it was great that she talks openly about this not a weakness but a strength!  She admits that the upper echelon of the business world is run by predominately men and tells you what you need to know to turn the fact that you are a woman into an asset.  She shares everything she thinks might help including tips on dressing, entertaining, travel, manners and navigating the politics of business.  This book isn’t just about being a successful business woman, it’s about successfully enjoying all life has to offer you in both your career and your personal life.

August 24, 2010

Modern Women in Design

by heatherkp

One of the most inspiring things I have seen this summer (and there have been quite a few!) is the current exhibit at the Textile Museum.  It is all about mid century modern women in design and boy are there some fabulous and fun textiles on show!    I tend to be a rule breaker (in some areas of my life only) and when it comes to taking photo’s in museums…I often break the rules.  I do it so I can share snippets with others who I know may not be able to experience the same thing in person.  So enjoy the photo’s I risked my visit to take, luckily that day the security guard seemed more interested in talking on the phone than observing the museum goers.

The show is called “Art by the Yard: Women Design Mid-Century Britain” and it ends on September 12, so if you get a chance you may want to make a trip to see it.  The show features a majority of designs by British designer Lucienne Day and two of  her contemporaries: Jacqueline Groag and Marian Mahler.  The work above and below is from Lucienne Day.  Aren’t they just incredibly fresh and fun and honest?  That is what I love about this era of work.  The designs are not pretentious, over thought or trend driven.  They are little pieces of honest and good design (in my  humble opinion).  This is the type of work I aspire to share because it’s lovely and different and fun and the love that the designer put into the work shines through.  
Lucienne Day’s husband (Robin) was also a furniture designer.  I’m certain this contributed to her overall sensibility about good design for home interiors.  Below are some great tea towels she designed.Her are a few shots of the overall show.  All these ladies were fabulous designers which shows since their designs have stood the test of time.  I especially enjoyed the work of Lucienne Day and was so glad to get to see this show in person.  Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak and let me know if you got to make it to the show.