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November 16, 2011

Wednesday Wellness::Sometimes You’ve just got to Stop!

by heatherkp

…so after a BIG push to load the truck with all our worldly possessions (quite a bit had to be ditched, given away or stored with friends before we left) last weekend we drove 11 hrs (what’s normally an 8 hr drive) and arrived at 3:30am Monday.  I’m not going to lie, those last 2 hours of driving were brutal and we came close to running out of gas on some very back country road at 1am, but we made it safely and I was never so happy to see 95 and the South of the Border signs light up in the distance!  Once I began to see the Spanish moss dripping down the live oaks and palm trees along the sides of the road, I knew it was all going to be worth it!  After 4 or so hours of sleep we unloaded (with the help of in laws and a neighbor!) everything into storage for the next few months with relative ease and are now resting and recharging for a few more days before trying to find a new “normal” here in South Carolina.

The weather’s been warm (80’s) and we are finally catching up on a lot of lost sleep!  We are enjoying some family time with the in laws before they head south for the winter (yes, further south than coastal South Carolina!).  We’ve already seen sunrise at the beach, sunset on the river and are planning our first canoe ride and some golfing (my husband, not me) soon.   I’ll be back with more details about the move and happenings in the next week but suffice it to say our week or so off is more than well deserved!