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January 31, 2011

Support for Free

by heatherkp
But what about free content?

Image by pr1001 via Flickr

It’s the last day of January, wow can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!

Over the last year (maybe more) there’s been a lot of discussion about the current culture of free and the sustainability of free content.  I first became aware of this discussion over at Crafty Pod and have been reading and participating in the discussion in an effort to help find some solutions to the currently non-sustainable practice of free in the creative community.   Last Friday Diane posted about How she supported some Free in January. I’d like to contribute to this discussion by being more transparent about how I contributed and I’d encourage you to do the same!

I currently am not selling products (that will change in 2011!) but I provide my customers with a service and I hope to offer inspiration and from time to time a free idea, tutorial etc.  I try to support others in return for their free content by way of encouragement, links back to them, credit where it’s due etc. but I’ve always believed that the strongest form of support is the monetary kind.  I believe in the Thriving Artist not the starving artist!

In the past year my income has dropped dramatically but I can still manage to support others in their creative purpose, especially those that inspire me and give so generously of themselves!  So, in the month of January I’ve supported Tara Gentile by taking her fabulous Website Kick Start class (I’ll be rolling out my new website in February!).  For now you can sign up for new class notifications here.

I purchased a gorgeous calendar from Jessica Swift and she threw in a FREE print with the purchase!

Lastly I purchased an amazing marketing bundle from zero 2 illow which included contributions from about 6 different creative contributors including Khristian Howell, Tara Reed and Chris Guillebeau!

All of these creative people offer free content on their sites as well as beautiful products and super helpful services.  Please check them out and support our creative community (especially financially)!

How do you support other creative people who contribute by offering us free content?