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June 17, 2012

Sunday Savings

by heatherkp

It’s Sunday again & it seems that it’s the only day have been posting recently, I’m hoping to change that this week.  Okay, so this week there are loads of savings on electronic gadgets for Fathers day which may or may not help you with organizing (depends on what you really Need).

To start things out with a different listing, lets take a look at what Dollar General has.  Go to their website for your local weekly circular, what I’ve posted here is for the Charleston area. There are an assortment of storage boxes (brand unknown) from Medium storage to “sweater”-12qt and shoe boxes.  I always prefer clear boxes so you can see what you’ve got and those shoe size boxes come in handy anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom and anywhere in between-unlike some people I do NOT use them to store most of my shoes, just those that are rarely worn.

$6 Storage Totes (20 Gallon)

$3.50 Sweater Boxes (12 Qt)

$1 shoe boxes (6 Qt)

I admit that I have a perchance for Target (am I sounding old for using a word like that?-I’m not old, just like to shake up my vocab occasionally)…so you may see them here every week as long as they have something organizing related on sale.  This week it’s storage bins and shelves. This type of heavy duty wire shelf can easily be modified with the addition of corrugated plastic sheets cut to fit each shelf so that things don’t fall through the slots.  They are great for garages, basements, sheds, attics or any other “industrial” space.

Hefty clear latching storage bins

Metal “wire” shelving

Corrugated plastic sheeting (don’t get me started on located a recycled version of this stuff! Apparently it doesn’t yet exist…& it should!)

Seems like it’s a bit slim pickings this week but both Bed Bath and Beyond and the Container Store are carrying sales over from previous weeks so just look back to last week to see what they had that’s still on sale!

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June 10, 2012

Sunday Savings

by heatherkp

My new weekly savings feature post is back for week two.  This week there are some great deals once again!

Over at Office Depot two label makers (P-Touch which I love and use!) are offered with $20 rebates.  I use my label maker for everything from storage containers to key tags, files , binders, cords and more!

Smead color files and hanging files are on sale, which are great for people who are visual and like to categorize by color or just because it makes filing more fun!  There are additional storage and office supplies also in this weeks deals (like legal pads, 3-ring binders and more…)

Kmart has a few deals on Smead and Avery products such as this versatile Hanging File Frame.  These can be assembled to fit in standard file drawers that are missing frames (I see this all too often, people trying to use file drawers without the frames:)If you have a Costco membership, there are several great deals this week (until 6/17).  They have 3 styles of hanging file carts on sale.  I use a hanging cart for files I need to access very frequently (and a file drawer for the less frequently used papers).  They are great for people living in small spaces that may need to have mobile accessibility or hide things away.

A good size fire proof safe is also a very important tool for the well organized and prepared home.  Costco also has a sale on one model this week (this could be a good fathers day gift)!Yet another essential in a well organized home is a good quality cross cut shredder with a 10+ page capacity.  This one’s on sale for just under $100.  This is an important investment in your personal security against identity theft and other related crimes.

Recently I’ve started using bins in the refrigerator -my fridge has only 1 drawer:(- to group smaller items by category that don’t always fit in drawers or doors or tend to get shoved to the back and forgotten.  This is something my mom has been doing ever since I can remember, she even uses bins inside larger drawers.  These Fridge Binz at Bed Bath and Beyond are perfect for this, clear and made to hold up to the cold temperatures inside your fridge.  There are several sizes available from $7.99-$19.99.

If you can manage to find this in stock (it’s been very popular and is currently out of stock online), the Umbra Little Black Dress Jewelry organizer is a cute and functional way to organize and see all your jewelry in one hanging spot.  I’m sorry for the late posting this week but there’s still lots of time this week to take advantage of these savings.  Please remember that I’m not personally endorsing any of these products, just sharing the local sales for organizing products in categories that I hope will be helpful and relevant.

June 3, 2012

Sunday Savings

by heatherkp

I’m starting a new feature inspired by my time sitting and reading the Sunday paper and all the inevitable sales/coupons and flyer inserts.  I’ll share weekly deals (based on local Charleston, SC ads) for all sorts of organizing and design related products on a regular basis.  These deals may be different for your area so please check the links before you head out to buy something and please only buy it if you NEED it (use what you have first)!  So let’s get to this weeks deals!

Staples is offering a BOGO deal on Sharpies, who doesn’t love a bright assortment at hand.  I use sharpies for everything from note taking to color coded file labeling, labeling contents of ziploc bags and more.

The local weekly ad (Charleston area) features several Martha Stewart Home Office organizing products and a coupon for $3 off your purchase of $10 or more in these products.

Over at Target this week’s ad features lots of basic storage containers on sale.  As I always tell my clients, don’t go buy a bunch of storage containers to “get organized” but if you already have things that you need storage for then go for it.

Kmart is also running sales on containers and I personally love the line of Snapware containers they carry.

The Container store’s current sale is all about travel so if you have any trips planned now’s the time to check out their deals on luggage/bags, travel size containers and other travel essentials and goodies.

I love this “Pack This” list on sale for $4.99!

For those heading out for a road trip this Modular Organizer is a great way to keep things tidy by category or for each traveler.

…and this metallic bag by Baggallini is great weather you are heading out of the country or just out to the store!

If you see a great deal on organizing products this week either on line or in stores, please leave it in the comments below for others to enjoy.  Happy orgainzing and saving this week!