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February 8, 2011

Textile Tuesday::Provencal

by heatherkp

While I was in Provence of course I was keeping my eyes open for Textiles.  I love the way the French incorporate their more traditional textiles into their contemporary lifestyle.There were lacy curtains in almost all the residential home windows.  Don’t you just love this cap?  I didn’t see anyone wearing them but I wonder if anyone still does.  This cap was just hanging on an exterior door knob.

I’m always amazed with the laundry hanging in most foreign countries.  I personally hang most of my laundry but it France, Italy and many other countries there are apparatus built into daily lifestyle to make it easier to just hang laundry right out your windows, Love that!

There seems to be a huge market for the more traditional Provencal textiles with embroidery and traditional motifs.  I wonder if it’s strictly a tourist market or if the local’s use these in their every day life.

This little fabric bucket is adorable, love the way they incorporate subtle hearts into so many of their textiles.

This window just caught my eye probably because of the layers of the sheer fabric and the lovely blue iron grates over top.

This last photo is from Marseilles and the knot work on this ship rope is just truly impressive!

Do you like traditional French Provencal Textiles such as linens, lace, embroidery and traditional French Provencal motifs?

February 1, 2011

Trend Tuesday::The French are Coming!

by heatherkp

This month I’ll be featuring a lot if inspiration and some photo’s from my trip to France.  Okay, so the trip was two years ago this February, but somehow I never got around to really exploring the photo’s I took and all the inspiring places and things I saw on my trip. Before I go down memory lane and bring you along with me to the various locations I visited I wanted to share a few trends and french influence I’ve spotted recently in fashion and interiors.  Once again brought to you via Pinterest, you can click on the images to take you to the site for the direct sources.

French Trends and Influences

I’m spotting a return to more feminine influences in interiors, such as more traditional floral patterns, French Provencal style furniture, french linens and monogram embroidery.  In fashion check out the french braids influence on accessories such as scarves, belts and braided jewelry.  And with the recent release of Black Swan anything remotely influenced by ballet such as the french knot updo is a stylistic certainty!

French Films, Art, Lace, Fashion...etc!

Some French influences will never go out of style, french lavender, french lace, french soap and french perfume!  And of course nautical stripes and styling a~la Coco Chanel!  In fact this whole interest in all things French started when I watched Coco Before Chanel and then Coco Chanel a couple weeks ago.  Then last weekend I immersed myself watching the french films La Vie En Rose (about Edith Piaf ) and Seraphine (the sunflower painting above is by her) about a female french artist discovered in the naive art period (such as the well known Henri Rousseau).

So, please come along with me as I be bring you all kinds of French influence throughout the month of February, Enjoy!