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March 24, 2012

Silent Saturday::Unplugged

by heatherkp

I’ve unplugged from Sunset Friday the 23rd to Sunrise Sunday the 25th…off for a girls weekend away.

Enjoy the silence~

PS I wrote and scheduled this post before unplugging;)

February 26, 2012

Silent Sunday::Blown Away at the Beach

by heatherkp

Blown Away at the Beach from Heather Powers on Vimeo.

Very windy Friday evening at Pawleys Island, tornado warnings were in effect.

February 12, 2012

Silent Sunday::Living Conch Shell

by heatherkp

Living Conch Shell from Heather Powers on Vimeo.

I found this beautiful live conch shell on the beach at Pawleys Island recently. It moves so gracefully.

December 18, 2011

Silent Sunday::Sunrise Pawleys

by heatherkp


December 15, 2011

One month ago…

by heatherkp
  • We had just arrived and unloaded all our possessions into storage
  • We were still residents of Maryland
  • We still had one beloved kitty
  • My in laws were here
  • We had Thanksgiving in mind
  • The weather was glorious and I was going to the beach a few times a week
  • We were missing our friends and family in Maryland
  • We didn’t yet have job prospects on the horizon
  • Final bills for all our Maryland expenses were being anticipated
  • I was feeling quite fearful and uncertain of the future
  • I wasn’t thinking about Christmas

And Today…

  • We are learning to live in the present state of limbo-in between but still in the moment-Life is NOW!
  • We are residents of South Carolina
  • We have no pets but still think of them every day and miss them.¬† They are with us in our hearts always!
  • We’ve had family visit and are looking forward to more soon
  • The weather is still gorgeous¬†–I’m living at the BEACH and loving it!¬† Also watching the sunset on the river as often as possible
  • We are missing our family and friends but are also meeting new people
  • We have some exciting prospects for work doing things we love
  • All our Maryland expenses are paid and behind us
  • I am practicing letting go of old fear patterns
  • We still aren’t thinking much of Christmas-no tree’s or gifts, just celebrating life!