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July 21, 2012

Silent Saturday::The Move Begins

by heatherkp

July 7, 2012

Silent Saturday::Packing Time

by heatherkp

Countdown to Norway!!


November 21, 2011

Moving Monday::Landed and Nesting

by heatherkp

So here we are in South Carolina!!  It’s been 2 weeks since I posted last on Moving Monday because last Monday we were right in the midst of the move and well, I just didn’t have the time to write something up before hand!  Things got a little crazy as would be expected the weekend of the move.  Leave it to me to make it even crazier by having a Moving PARTY on 11:11:11 the night before we got and loaded the truck.  We did it though and it was worth it to say goodbye to friends and family who made it over to our box filled home.  And at 11:11 we did make a toast of farewell to our friends and a wish for happy new beginnings.

Saturday started out quite well with the expected friends showing up to help us all through the day.  About mid-day though we began to realize there was a strong possibility not everything would fit on the truck.  My husband had spent some time the previous week taking measurements of boxes and furniture and drawing up a rough schematic but despite all that it seemed clear it wasn’t going to work!  The BIG problem was that the truck was about 1′ shorter than expected.  That might not seem like much but over a 26′ truck length it adds up and most packing boxes are made to fit in certain size trucks a specific way.  If we had that extra space we could have packed the truck a bit more efficiently but trust me, they packed the truck without an inch to spare.  FYI, this truck said it would hold a 5 BR capacity which is nonsense!  Our house was approximately 1600 sq. feet and three BR’s but only one BR worth of BR furniture (office, tools, art studio and other normal household furniture).

In the midst of my almost moving meltdown I had to run out to a eye Dr. apt and thank god for my friends and mom who stayed behind diligently packing and cleaning at the house.

It was actually very good for me to step away for a bit to put things in perspective.  My mom gave me some great advice that day and as simple as it is it’s worth remembering.  Everything takes time!  So I just tried to remember that for the remainder of the time it took to load what we could.  Sunday AM we had planned to leave around 9 but because not everything fit we had to make some last minute trips to drop stuff off to be donated and stored.  We also threw and gave things away that we hadn’t originally planned to but nothing that we can’t live without after all, it’s just stuff!

With the house empty and cleaned we finally hit the road for our 8+ hour drive at 4:30PM.  The drive was slow with my husband driving the big truck and me in my car.  It ended up taking us 11 hours but we made it safely and boy was I happy to see palm tree’s and Spanish moss!  Somehow after only 4 hours of sleep we got up and unloaded the truck into our storage bin with the help of my husband’s parents and one kind neighbor friend.  It took 5 hours to pack with 10 people helping and only 1.5 hours to unpack with 5 people.

What a relief to have it all unloaded and in storage now.  The next phase of our life involves living in a furnished home for about 3 months with a minimum of our belongings.  We can run down to our storage unit and get things as we need them but when we packed we selected the items we would need and had them mostly accessible from the time we arrived.  We are on our own now and are nesting in our new, temporary home.  I’ve spent the last several days cleaning because despite the fact that this is a clean house, I guess I just need to put my own mark on it.  I’m also feeling a little lost since we are not in our final destination so this is my way of making it feel like our home.  We re-arranged furniture and have cleaned, unpacked and even done some cooking here.  As you can see by this post, I’m also starting to get back into the swing of my old routines…integrating the old with the new.

One new routine I’m loving so far is walks on the beach every day!

How do you get settled into a new place?  What is nesting like for you?


November 7, 2011

Moving Monday::1 Week to Go!

by heatherkp

We are really in the final days before moving now!  I can’t believe I began writing about this move 6 weeks ago (or maybe a bit more?).  This has been a really bittersweet time with the prospects of the future ahead and making our dreams come true but also saying goodbye to two members of our family household that we will miss more than we can say.  Both Tai and Leo were our kitties for 17 and 16yrs (respectively) and they were both Maryland kitties with us from the beginning of my husband and I’s relationship.  Maybe it is fitting that we have left them here but they will always be in our hearts and their sweet spirits will live on with us forever.  We are working through some health problems with our youngest kitty, Sachi but she will be coming with us and she is our Savannah kitty so she’s going back to her low country roots.  Thank you  everyone who has offered kind and supportive words of love in this difficult past couple weeks!

We are ready to move forward and we are buckling down to the tasks ahead for the week.  We will pack the remaining items that we will not need in the next few months into boxes and have sorted out those things we will need to come with us in luggage and bins for short term use while we are in our temporary housing for a few months.  Since we will be in this transitional period packing has been that much more challenging, trying to figure out what we will over a 3-4 month period!

This week our agenda includes canceling our utilities, notifying important people and companies of our address change, packing, cleaning and saying goodbyes to friends and family!

It has been a truly spectacular fall here in Maryland and I will miss the rolling hills, fall color and yes I will even miss the snow a little, but it made a sneak appearance for us last weekend as we were packing.  I can say I’m truly getting excited now!  This year began with a focus on finding Clarity and I’ve truly found it by allowing myself to try new things, face my fears and live more boldly.  We created this change in our lives by setting our intentions to live a more fulfilling life and the challenges that have been thrown at us will make us that much stronger! These words by Mary Anne Radmacher sum up how I am living life going forward.

It has been a truly spectacular fall here in Maryland and I will miss the rolling hills, fall color and yes I will even miss the snow a little, but it made a sneak appearance for us last week.

One week from today we will be in South Carolina, just a few minute drive from the beach!  We will be unpacking all our belongings into storage and settling in to a new routine.


October 10, 2011

Moving Monday::Packing, Lists and Inventory

by heatherkp

Another week into the moving progress and we’ve got over 24 boxes packed!  We did a little calculation and determined that if we pack 4 boxes a day on average (6 days a week) then we will have over 90 boxes packed in the next few weeks.  When we moved here 6 years ago we had over 90 boxes, my goal is to have less this time!  I prefer to pack a little bit at a time rather than try to cram it all into the last week or so.  This week I’ll be packing linens, china, un necessary kitchen items, more nick nacks and some clothing.

Here’s how I’m doing this::each box gets numbered and assigned a code according to size (A, B, C) then I list a short inventory of the contents making special note of valuable (sentimental or monetary) items.  This way I’ve got a very good idea of what’s in each box, where it goes and this inventory can serve insurance purposes if needed.

Now for the exciting news, fingers crossed we very well might have someone to rent our house!!  We will know for sure soon but it looks promising and this will allow us to determine our exact date of departure.  I’ve been secretly hoping for a specific date and it seems like things might just be pointing in that direction.  We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I’ve had some big non-moving related events happening!  This past weekend my brother and sister in law came down from NY (to help and attend) for my parents belated 40th wedding anniversary celebration.  The party also happened to fall on my husband and I’s 7th anniversary.  It was a beautiful setting in my parents Japanese garden, the weather was perfect and we had a blast!  It was a great occasion to spend time with family and friends especially in light of our pending departure.

My next mission is this coming Saturday, I’m photographing my first wedding!  I’ve got a few nerves about this but I think it will be fine, I’m up for the challenge.

October 3, 2011

Moving Monday::Where to Begin with Packing

by heatherkp

Okay, it’s time for my weekly check in on our moving progress.  I’m excited to share that the house is on the market and has shown a few times.  It’s got to be kept spic and span which is a challenge in this state of affairs but it’s kind of nice!  I’m enjoying having things looking neat and clean for our last amount of time here.

A few more items have made their way onto Craigslist and the flea market is behind us now.  It was a wash out but we made a little money before it started pouring and the remaining non valuables went directly to donation.  So, what’s the next step?  Packing of course!  When it comes to packing I wanted to share a little of my strategy. I have a list week by week of what I will be packing by category.  I’m sure there will be a little overlap but it’s a plan and it creates weekly goals for our packing which will help keep us on track and feeling less overwhelmed.

  • Pictures and artwork, especially personal photo’s (those came down before we started to show the house).  Next, all the small artwork come off the walls.  I pack smaller photo’s and artwork in medium size boxes with newsprint wrapped around each and bubble wrap or cardboard between them.
  • Small decorative non function items. Otherwise known as Nicknacks:)
  • Formal china, stemware, crystal and serving pieces.  I’m not planning to do any formal entertaining before we leave so these things won’t be needed.  We don’t have a lot of it but what there is will go in boxes this week.
  • Any books I know I won’t be referring to.

By next week it will begin looking a bit more bare around here.  This is the part I don’t like very much but I’m hoping to embrace the empty space and enjoy the simplicity of living with less.