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February 28, 2011

Motif Monday::Ironwork and Stonework

by heatherkp

Today being the last day of February I’m going to say farewell to all the French related posts.  This has been such a fun theme for the month and I think I’ll be re-visiting some of my other travels in the future and sharing them here.  For today I want to leave you with just a little more inspiration…actually I think I’ve saved the best for last and I hope you’ll agree!  Today, I’ve got Ironwork and Stonework for you and LOTS of it!  Decorative Ironwork is one thing France is famous for and it’s everywhere.  On doors, windows, railings, gates, signs and balconies to name the most abundant sources.  Based on these images alone I know I could come up with several new design collections and artwork.  I’m really inspired to do so.

French Stone and Ironwork Details

There were some seriously WICKED looking Iron gates in Avignon!

French Ironwork

… loads of simple geometric designs on a lot of windows and I especially liked the ones that had the simple wavy lines.  I love how the ironwork creates a pattern layer over the windows and shutters in some places.

Whimsical and Floral French Ironwork

There were also a lot of shops that had custom ironwork signs and I wish we would adopt this practice more in the US.  Consigning an ironwork sign establishes a serious level of commitment to your business don’t you think?

Scrols and Decorative French IronworksAnd finally a there were scrolls of all varieties and florals, foilage, figures and crests.

I hope these will inspire you to create something fabulously French~Oh, la la!

February 14, 2011

Motif Monday::Tiles and Doors

by heatherkp

This Monday and next I will share with you a few details I caught in photo’s that are great inspiration for pattern motifs or other artwork.  Everywhere I looked in Provence I found small details, key holes, letter boxes, decorative tiles, ironwork and even decorative door knobs that remain an inspiration for me.  Because there is so much history and the architecture is so much older than most of what we have in America there was inspiration on almost every building.

French Tile patternsFrench Doors and ironworks

It was a pleasure to see such a broad range of period styles from medieval to art deco and more simple country provincial decorative details.  I love that these details are cherished and taken care of rather than replaced.  As we walked and toured each town I was always the last one straggling behind trying to capture these details and burn them into my memory.