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October 10, 2011

Moving Monday::Packing, Lists and Inventory

by heatherkp

Another week into the moving progress and we’ve got over 24 boxes packed!  We did a little calculation and determined that if we pack 4 boxes a day on average (6 days a week) then we will have over 90 boxes packed in the next few weeks.  When we moved here 6 years ago we had over 90 boxes, my goal is to have less this time!  I prefer to pack a little bit at a time rather than try to cram it all into the last week or so.  This week I’ll be packing linens, china, un necessary kitchen items, more nick nacks and some clothing.

Here’s how I’m doing this::each box gets numbered and assigned a code according to size (A, B, C) then I list a short inventory of the contents making special note of valuable (sentimental or monetary) items.  This way I’ve got a very good idea of what’s in each box, where it goes and this inventory can serve insurance purposes if needed.

Now for the exciting news, fingers crossed we very well might have someone to rent our house!!  We will know for sure soon but it looks promising and this will allow us to determine our exact date of departure.  I’ve been secretly hoping for a specific date and it seems like things might just be pointing in that direction.  We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I’ve had some big non-moving related events happening!  This past weekend my brother and sister in law came down from NY (to help and attend) for my parents belated 40th wedding anniversary celebration.  The party also happened to fall on my husband and I’s 7th anniversary.  It was a beautiful setting in my parents Japanese garden, the weather was perfect and we had a blast!  It was a great occasion to spend time with family and friends especially in light of our pending departure.

My next mission is this coming Saturday, I’m photographing my first wedding!  I’ve got a few nerves about this but I think it will be fine, I’m up for the challenge.

March 18, 2011

Clutter Free Friday::Inventory

by heatherkp

If you have begun to do your Spring cleaning and clearing how about stepping back for a few moments to take a little inventory first.

I think it’s important to recognize that EVERYONE has an area of their life that they would like to find more space, less clutter and more organization.

Today I’d like to  be the voice of encouragement to remind you that no matter what amount of clutter you may have in your life you are not alone and you can forgive yourself.  Clutter is an outcome of an overwhelming, over scheduled, overly busy life style (hello most of us who are reading this!).

Starting today, how about just taking a mental inventory to identify the areas of clutter that are in your life. Is it a certain room (s) or a certain category of stuff (ex. paperwork) that stresses you out, or maybe it’s your spouse or kids stuff that drives you nuts?  Do you find yourself feeling guilty, stressed, embarrassed or ashamed about having too much of something?  You may want to write it down and write about how it makes you feel. Writing can be a helpful tool to begin the clearing process and help you identify patterns of behavior so you won’t repeat them.  This process can be so much more meaningful than just throwing away your old junk. 

Clearing and releasing will bring new space into your life.  Why not take a little time before you begin to toss the junk to really give some thought to what you want to create in your new space.  Some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you need to save time because your constantly looking for things?
  • Do you have stuff that you feel you “should” hold onto because someone you love gave it to you?
  • Do you have items that are broken, poor quality or you just don’t love for whatever reason?
  • Do you want to create a space for a certain activity you love doing?

All of this information will help you identify what you can begin to release.  This legwork will make the action steps of tossing and re-organizing whats left so much easier.

As we move into Spring this weekend why not take a little time to inventory what no longer serves you so you can make space for new growth!