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July 8, 2011

Friday Field Trip::Pile of Craft Roundup

by heatherkp

I’m currently on my way to my biggest field trip of the year!  I’ll be at Penland School of Craft for the next two weeks so postings will be spare in my absence.  I can’t wait to participate in The Art of Fiber Collage with instructor Jason Pollen! I’ve shared bits and pieces about this upcoming excitement but honestly, this is something I’ve wanted to do for over 10 years.  Since I now have the flexibility being self employed I took the opportunity back in early spring to apply for a scholarship and YES, I got one!  I’ve been super busy over the last week or so preparing for this “Camp”.  The list of supplies is lengthy and I’ve been challenged to remain very organized in my preparation!  Even though I typically am very organized about travel, this trip requires many extra supplies including art and craft and some borderline camping type supplies.  Laundry facilities will also be limited so I’m having to pack more clothes than I normally would for a two week trip.  Lists, lists and checking my lists…The last remaining item for me to decide on is my sewing machine which was listed as a item that is suggested but not necessary.  I guess if I can fit it in the car then it goes!

While I’m away I’ve prepared a few posts and in the spirit of Field trips I’ll leave you with some favorite items from vendors I saw when I helped my friend Betz White with her booth at the Pile of Craft show in Baltimore.

I love when craft crosses over into organizing, these re-purposed denim & fabric buckets fit the bill for anything from yarn to makeup or mail sorting.

The “neighbor’s” on one side had these adorable figurines.  On the other side of Betz was Volta Organics.  The photo I snapped wasn’t so hot but do check out their products.  I fell in love with the Vanilla and Pepper scrub (they were brilliant to put a sample of this in one of the bathrooms at the show!).

Across the way from us were these beautiful Japanese print and sewn textiles from Namoo.  Again, these HUGE paper clips are another crafty way to get yourself organized.  What a great way to keep papers sorted by category!

The worn but beautiful architecture in this old church is a charming setting for the show.

I didn’t catch the name of these two vendors but I love the “scrabble” coasters and leg plant ID “tags”.

Gorgeous threads from re-purposed goods made by Malagueta fall into my wishlist category.

I crafting in motion and several booths including Hello Craft and Carlybird Weaves had demo’s set up.

And finally a few familiar finds including Claire McDermott’s recycled skateboard accessories and jewelry.  There were some brilliant repurposed and recycled items at the show, I love seeing this category evolve and become more sophisticated.

One last thing we did before we left the show was step into the photo booth of Annaeka Photography and get a little goofy.   What a blast to have an old school photo booth right at the show!  We accidentally walked away without picking up our photo’s and Anna was super sweet to send them to me right away, thanks Anna!!

I’ll see you back here with a full report of my field trip to NC in a few weeks.