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June 17, 2012

My Father in Fotos

by heatherkp

I am blessed and lucky to still have my father in my life and hopefully for many more years to come!  I was reminiscing this weekend since I’m not with my dad this year.  I love my dad for sooo many reasons but probably most of all for being a man of faith, discipline, humility, generosity, service and honor.

Here’s looking back through photo’s of him (and I together)

Me (1.5 weeks old) and Dad

And along comes my brother…

Summer vacation on the water

Me & motorcycle man!

“Giving” me away…

Fathers day in Annapolis

Happy Birthday hug





May 7, 2012

Moving Monday::Stuff Left Behind, A Wedding, A Puppy & A Shower…

by heatherkp

Yesterday we returned from a whirlwind 11 day trip back up to our former hometown to visit family and friends.  The trip included a wedding, a bridal shower (for my future SIL), trips to museums in DC, several parties (one on our behalf~Thanks!), family time, meeting my new family puppy (Katinka who we fell in LOVE with), my best friends 40th birthday (I’m not too far behind!), two client appointments and packing up our remaining “stuff”.  We “moved” 5 1/2 months ago now and have had this trip planned since.  I was asked to photograph a cousin’s wedding last week, which was really perfect timing for us to make this return trip.

Congratulations Matt and Chenoa!

Congratulations Matt and Chenoa!

My future SIL being playful!

My Puppy Sister, Katinka (A Coton de Tulear)

When we left MD last November we had to leave behind quite a few things at the last minute.  It wasn’t that we didn’t plan well, it wasn’t that we ran out of time but we didn’t have the space we anticipated in the truck we rented so we had to improvise.  Thanks to family and a couple friends we stowed away some treasures in MD during this time.  We had to leave behind a beloved model ship and dollhouse my grandfather built, our big TV, my Herman Miller Aeron chair, the rocking chair my brother and I were rocked in, many-many plants and quite a few garden tools.  We had to rent another U haul trailer to bring it all back but we did it!  It feels so great to know that we are here with all our stuff.  It also felt great to decide to leave a few items behind.  After living with everything in storage for so long I am so much more detached from our things.

The next exciting phase of our move will take us from our family’s place in Pawleys Island to downtown Charleston.  Later this week we will make that transition, one that will give us the much needed perfect space and timing to really know the place we are going to be living before we make big commitments.  It’s been challenging living like a gypsy but in the end I think this will help us have better area knowledge so we make a wise decision about where we will live next.  In the past we have made decisions about where we were going to live after only brief visits and in a few of those cases we felt stuck with something less than fantastic but that’s not gonna happen this time.  It may be another couple months before we finally have a home we can call our own but it’s going to be worth it in the end and I’ve learned a lot about flexibility and a certain sense of freedom that comes from living in limbo!

November 24, 2011

A Flock of Thanks!

by heatherkp

I want to say thank you today to so many special people in my life.

I’d like to start with my Mom because she is the someone who has always encouraged and nurtured my creative spirit! She is hard working and has had many careers and volunteer positions that taught me the value of serving others.

Thank you to my dad who is the most giving and generous man I’ve ever met.  I value the sense of discipline, both spiritual and otherwise, I’ve learned from him (probably since he was career Navy)!

Thank you to my brother who is one of my best friends who I can share the adventures of life and fun with and my sister in law who is teaching me what it means to have a sister, not to mention one from a different culture (Norway)!

To my husband’s family who is honest, down to earth and the most “real” group of people I’ve ever met:)

Thank you to my husband who has been more supportive of me than I could ever ask for.  He knows me so well and reminds me to be gentile and forgiving of my own faults when I need to be.

To my fantastic friends who are my extended family and who inspire me to celebrate life!

Thanks be to all those who love us and all who we love and have loved!

…and a final thank you to our sweet kitties who shared a very special place in our hearts over the past 15+ years and who will always be with us in spirit.


December 24, 2010

Festive Friday

by heatherkp

I hope you are enjoying this festive day! I’m doing my best but after coming down with a horrible sore throat yesterday I really could use one more day.  Not gonna happen!  On top of that I had to frog one of the knitting projects that I am supose to be giving my mom tomorrow and I’ve started over but I don’t think it will be totally done in time.  I’m sure she will understand, that’s what mom’s are for!  We did have a great time yesterday baking cookies.  We are so alike, so overly ambitious.  We started at 4PM and baked 5 kinds of cookies and 1 type of bread and cleaned her kitchen back to spic and span all in 6 hours, not bad!  We make a great team and it’s a fun tradition.  What traditions do you have with your family?

Last week we continued a tradition of going to see Christmas lights at a local park called Brookside Gardens with family.  We don’t go every year, maybe every other but this year was especially memorable because we brought together cousins on both my husband and my side of the family and my best friend and her daughter.  8 adults and 6 kids, beautiful lights, snow on the ground, hot chocolate and a model train set made for a very festive evening of memories.

Onto more festive celebrations of the season…we are headed to see  family tonight and my dear husband is making pizza for 12 adults and 4 kids.  He makes some great pizza and the family has requested that pizza on Christmas eve be a new family tradition.  We will also get to hear carols (and sing) by some talented family and friends.

I’m wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

~with love and peace~Heather

You may also want to check out this newly released Online Magazine (festive winter edition!) called Celebrate; brought to you by Going Home to Roost.  There are some very festive projects and ideas included.