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January 6, 2011

Threads::One World One Cloth

by heatherkp

Back in 2001 shortly after 9-11 The Thread Project’s founder, Terry Helwig had the vision to collect and weave together threads for panels representing the 7diverse continents of the world,.  Her vision was quickly turned into reality when a weaver friend offered to weave one of the first panels and help her to get the word out to find other weavers.  I was lucky enough to be invited in 2002 to be one of the weavers for this fantastic global peace keeping project.  The first cloth woven “Hope Materializing”  consists of 7 purple warp panels (each woven by a different weaver) and the weft threads came from across the globe.  I also worked as a “thread ambassador” and along with a local social studies teacher we collected threads from his students and the project was used as a teaching aide for Dave’s class.  I then wove these together with other threads collected from around the world.

Each of the 7 cloths is a different color, has a different title and represents a different message all signifying the overall message that there can be unity in diversity.  “This fabric of humanity, woven from the bits and pieces of people’s lives, offers a rich and textured experience. The cloths, imbued with a resonance analogous to the great tapestry of life, identify the common thread running through humanity: All people love, hope, dream and hurt.”-Terry Helwig, Founder

I am sharing this now because this year marks the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 and I hope that this project can be a symbol of how such a global world can be united in diversity.  A new Facebook page has been created for the project in hopes of connecting with those many people who were weavers, thread ambassadors, contributors or viewers of this powerful project.  Please share this project with others and help us to connect the threads.

The Thread Project: One World One Cloth still needs a permanent home, if you know of an agency or organization that might be a good match please get in touch through the website, the Facebook page or here in the comments.


August 17, 2010


by heatherkp

Moving directly from my last entry I would like to explore the idea of collaboration.  My last project was a collaboration between myself, another artist and the client.  Each and every custom design is just that, at least that’s the way I view it.  My job on any custom project is to help fulfill someone else’s vision.  As an artist and designer I am find myself getting stuck on certain projects or pieces from time to time and usually if I can find a way to collaborate then I can break free of those limitations.  Over the last several years I have been involved in quite a few collaborative projects.  I’ve both been invited to collaborate and organized collaborative projects.  You can view some images of my last project “Collaborative Visions” over HEREAbove is a mosaic of several in progress pieces from a previous art project and there are more images over HERE.  These projects never fail to inspire me to look at my process differently.  I love seeing how other’s react to things I create intuitively and vice versa.  We don’t take these projects too seriously, we  have fun with them.  That’s the whole point, to liberate ourselves beyond our own creative process.

I can promise you will be seeing a lot of collaborative work here at HKPowerstudio.  It is something I want to explore in more depth on both a professional level and in a more personal creative way.  How and why do you collaborate?