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February 15, 2012

Wednesday Wellness::Granting yourself permission

by heatherkp

Do you really give yourself permission to do, be, feel who you are?  As I’ve been traversing the path of the Mondo Beyondo Big Dreams course I wrote myself the following permission slips…personal get out of jail free cards.  It’s liberating and maybe you would like to try it to?

I give myself permission to make mistakes.
I give myself permission to take it slow, take my time.
I give myself permission to be compassionate towards myself so I can do the same for others.
I give myself permission to accept my faults and be imperfect.
I give myself permission to be an explorer and try new things especially if I’m afraid.
I give myself permission to be sad and grieve.
I give myself permission to be self confident.
I give myself permission to be happy and silly and fun!
I give myself permission to love and be loved.
I give myself permission to listen to my intuition.
I give myself permission to follow my dreams even if they are not always clear.

“The gift of honor unwraps the gift of permission and together these two establish a place for you to stand in confidence in regards to the future unfolding before you.”- Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen (Mondo Beyondo)

August 22, 2011

Mismatched Monday::The Fig Thief and the Owl

by heatherkp

Two unrelated photo’s with a little mismatched story, you can fill in the blank words…Have fun!

There once was this injured owl who was discovered by way of a prank.  Two kids were out for a walk and stumbled across a neighbors fig tree.  Hungry and curious one of the them decided dare the other to climb the tree to reach for some ripe figs.  After climbing just a little way up and eating a few of the sweet juicy figs they both decided to climb up a bit further.  When they did they discovered a sleeping owl in the tree.  They were so curious about this owl sleeping during the day that they made many loud noises and threw ______ at it until it woke up.  Once startled awake they saw the owl turning it’s head from side to side with large golden open eyes and became frightened because of the horned appearance of the owls ears.  They climbed down and ran home to get some binoculars for a better look.  When they returned they saw that one of the owls wings was badly injured.  They decided to tell their parents even know that meant admitting to stealing the figs from the tree where they found the owl.  They returned the next day with their parents who made the kids explain to the neighbor who owned the fig tree what they had been doing and who they found in the tree.  Together they researched and found a local Birds of Prey rehabilitation center to call.  Someone from the center came out to rescue the owl that day and within a couple of weeks they had nursed it back to health from the injured wing.  They learned that this type of owl is called a Great Horned Owl and the rehab center decided to let the kids name the owl ______.    Unfortunately the owl was no longer able to ____ because of it’s injury so the rehabilitation center would have to keep the owl in managed captivity but this meant that the kids would be able to go visit ______ from time to time.   They neighbors were so touched that the kids found the owl in their fig tree that they told them when to just come knock on the door when they wanted to pick some of the ripe figs again.

June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wellness::Risk and Fearlessness

by heatherkp

I’m taking a quick jaunt back into my Wednesday Wellness series to share a few thoughts on Wellness and fear, fear of Risk to be more specific.

I’ve been taking on a lot of “new” lately which requires a healthy dose of fearlessness.  I’ve always thought of myself as pretty adaptable to change, that is until the last several years.

Somewhere along the lines in my corporate design job and suburban lifestyle I got a little too comfortable (in my opinion). 

Then the unthinkable happened (loosing my job).  This was the thing I was most afraid of (but secretly wished for as well!).  Afterwards I decided not to rush myself into anything which was a good choice in hindsight but…

I spent the better part of last year practically paralized by fear of the unknown. 

I was unwilling to make a decision about what I wanted to do next because I was so afraid of not doing it perfectly, failing, not being happy with my new choices, not pleasing those around me etc…I’m sure you can probably relate right?  I can’t say I was exactly aware that I was paralized by fear but somewhere along the lines when I decided I’d had enough and set my intention on Clarity things slowly began to change for me.  I started to move towards risk and allow a little bit of fearlessness to creep into my routines.

What I’m coming to realize now is that it’s healthy and rewarding to invite risk into your life but the consequences may totally upset your balance for awhile.  I’m learning to live within this new state of unknown.  It is not always easy, sometimes I feel like I can’t get a deep breath, sometimes I am just exhausted and sometimes I need a day with a book or time at the pool to totally recharge and feel that deeper sense of calm inside me.

The big risk of deciding to start my own business in a field that I was formerly almost unfamiliar with didn’t feel so much like a leap off a cliff but now that I’m falling (into grace) I can look up and see how far I’ve come and that I have my parachute attached.  Somewhere inside myself I know how to do this, it came so much easier when I was younger but I’m learning to take on risk and to be more fearless by taking baby steps each day.

I’m taking more risks in my art, trying new techniques and approaches and being less judgmental of my own work.

I’m pushing myself to talk about my business in front of strangers on a regular weekly basis!

I am changing my dietary habits to reflect changes in my body (I’ve gone almost totally gluten free).

I’m re-trying things I use to love doing but somewhere along the lines stopped doing (swimming, tennis, bike riding).

I’m attending ART Camp (this is a bucket list item).

I’m growing food for myself (in a community garden plot).

I’m letting my grip on money become a little less rigid.  It will be there when I need it but I also need to enjoy the present, not in an extravagant way but I’m also no longer going to deprive myself of certain things-BALANCE.

That last word, that’s what it’s all about.  Striking a new balance between risk and easy…

What are you afraid of, what risks would you take if you knew you would not fail?  Living in fear is not living well!

January 12, 2011

Wednesday::The Wellness Journal

by heatherkp


For the first Wednesday Wellness entry I am including the practice of Journaling.  I started this practice “religiously” a few years ago when I began reading The Artist Way


“Morning pages” as Julia calls them, have been a useful tool for me each morning.  Basically I do a brain dump and get all the ideas, burdens, to-do’s, want-to-do’s out of my head and onto paper.  Julia encourages stream of conscious writing and I find that I’m not always in the right mindset to write this way but regardless it’s helpful to me.

I begin each day writing as many things as I can think of to be grateful for.  This usually fills up 1/2-1 page of my journal entry.  Some days it’s more difficult than others to find things to be grateful for but the act of acknowledging what I am grateful for helps lift my spirits as I begin the day.


Some people do their journal entries on their computers and I think this idea would be much more eco friendly but I’m not sure I would ever be able to express myself the same way I can with pen and paper.  I think part of what I love about journaling is finding beautiful journals to write in.


I also love writing by hand {although I hate my handwriting!} and love finding a fun pen.  In fact I usually write in a different color each day to make it more easy to identify each day’s entry and the colors sometimes reflect my mood.  I’ve included other ideas in my journal entries such as doing a small sketch each day or writing affirmations.


What do you think?  Do you journal and if so do you include drawings, affirmations, gratitude or any other regular routines in your practice?  Do you use pen and paper or do you journal on your computer?  I hope you enjoyed the journal images I’ve shared here and there are so many more out there.  Right here is a great journal roundup/review!

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