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March 7, 2011

Mundane Monday::Rubber Bands

by heatherkp

Rubber Bands may be considered by some to be mundane because they are used for all sorts of everyday things.  They stretch, they hold things together, they bunch up, they come in many colors and they can be spotted these days being used in lots of unconventional ways.  Here is a round up of some of the unusual rubber band findings including jewelry, vessels or containers some beautiful artwork!

Painted Desert Ring by Margarita Mileva

Rubber Band Dress by M2 (same artist as above)

Floral Pin by Margarita Mileva

The three pieces above are examples of work by M2-Margarita Mileva of Milev Architects where her work explores “opportunity to experiment with new design challenges, ideas, materials and forms” as seen through the eyes of an architect.  Fabulous, don’t you think?  She is certainly someone who stands out as truly innovative.

Fine Rubber Bands by RuRong

Rong Rubber Band Necklace

Red Rubber Band Ring by Colleen Baran

Double Rubber Band Ring by Colleen Baran

The two rings above are by Jewelry artist and designer Colleen Baran.  She blogs about her Ring A Day project over at her blog SeeSeeBe.  Check it out, she’s got some wacky and cool rings (and other stuff).

Rubber Band Cube by An Pham

Rubber Band Cube by An Pham

Samica Rubber Band Artwork by An Pham

Samica Rubber Band Artwork by An Pham

Vessels by Unknown artist

Rubber Band Digital Art by Patrick Gunderson

Long Woven Earrings by Amila Hrustic

Woven Earrings by Amila Hrustic

Necklace by Christian Diehl

Each one of these artist works with rubber bands as well as other materials, sometimes digital, sometimes photography, architecture or landscape.  The work they do explores the possibility available to each of us in what we might consider Mundane materials.  Seeing beyond the mundane to the possibilities is what makes these artist work so interesting.

February 1, 2011

Trend Tuesday::The French are Coming!

by heatherkp

This month I’ll be featuring a lot if inspiration and some photo’s from my trip to France.  Okay, so the trip was two years ago this February, but somehow I never got around to really exploring the photo’s I took and all the inspiring places and things I saw on my trip. Before I go down memory lane and bring you along with me to the various locations I visited I wanted to share a few trends and french influence I’ve spotted recently in fashion and interiors.  Once again brought to you via Pinterest, you can click on the images to take you to the site for the direct sources.

French Trends and Influences

I’m spotting a return to more feminine influences in interiors, such as more traditional floral patterns, French Provencal style furniture, french linens and monogram embroidery.  In fashion check out the french braids influence on accessories such as scarves, belts and braided jewelry.  And with the recent release of Black Swan anything remotely influenced by ballet such as the french knot updo is a stylistic certainty!

French Films, Art, Lace, Fashion...etc!

Some French influences will never go out of style, french lavender, french lace, french soap and french perfume!  And of course nautical stripes and styling a~la Coco Chanel!  In fact this whole interest in all things French started when I watched Coco Before Chanel and then Coco Chanel a couple weeks ago.  Then last weekend I immersed myself watching the french films La Vie En Rose (about Edith Piaf ) and Seraphine (the sunflower painting above is by her) about a female french artist discovered in the naive art period (such as the well known Henri Rousseau).

So, please come along with me as I be bring you all kinds of French influence throughout the month of February, Enjoy!

January 18, 2011


by heatherkp

They are all over the place on everything from grand mom’s vintage throws to wood flooring, paper goods, textiles, rugs, jewelry and wall coverings.

Chevrons, Zig Zags & Flame Stitch (click the image for sources)

I think that the versatility of the chevron is what makes it such a satisfying pattern that never goes out of style.  Weather it is a bold graphic chevron, a subltle knit pattern or a simple line work impression it can be so effectively used in such different ways.

Chevrons, Zig Zags & Flame Stitch (click the image for sources)

I love a well placed Chevron (or Zig Zag or Flame Stitch), how about you?

Do you prefer the bold two color look like black and white or do you like more subtle or multi-color chevron rainbow effects?