Friday Fieldtrip::Flowers of Norway

by heatherkp

Flowers are just about my favorite subject to photograph so I thought I’d dedicated a Field Trip exclusively to the flowers I found on our many outings.  As a Master Gardener I am constantly curious about the species, comparing familiar plants to those I know and have grown and learning about new plants as I discover them.  I don’t know all of them but what was so spectacular was that there were so many things blooming at once.  I guess with such a short growing season and such long daylight hours things tend to burst out!

This first group of shots was from a rocky island in the Mandal area and I’m not sure what they are but I love how they just pop up in the crevices.

I’ve never seen clematis and honeysuckle so intense and perfect!

Not sure what this was but it grew all around the rocky shore areas.   Ah ha!  I figured out that this is called Fireweed!

Thistle of some sort.

Foxglove was practically a weed!

Some variety of daisy type of flower.

Something in the cranesbill family. 

Roadside weeds:)

This was the coolest fuzzy flower up in the highlands which in Norway is called Myrull.

More foxgloves!

The sculpture garden on the waterfront in Kristiansand.

Me shooting photos of flowers!  I love that my dad captured this.

On Wednesday I’ll be sharing some of the fabulous window boxes!  Happy weekend.

3 Comments to “Friday Fieldtrip::Flowers of Norway”

  1. Now you’ve got me looking to find that purple flower. Beautiful photos. I love taking picture of flowers too!

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