Sunday Savings

by heatherkp

My new weekly savings feature post is back for week two.  This week there are some great deals once again!

Over at Office Depot two label makers (P-Touch which I love and use!) are offered with $20 rebates.  I use my label maker for everything from storage containers to key tags, files , binders, cords and more!

Smead color files and hanging files are on sale, which are great for people who are visual and like to categorize by color or just because it makes filing more fun!  There are additional storage and office supplies also in this weeks deals (like legal pads, 3-ring binders and more…)

Kmart has a few deals on Smead and Avery products such as this versatile Hanging File Frame.  These can be assembled to fit in standard file drawers that are missing frames (I see this all too often, people trying to use file drawers without the frames:)If you have a Costco membership, there are several great deals this week (until 6/17).  They have 3 styles of hanging file carts on sale.  I use a hanging cart for files I need to access very frequently (and a file drawer for the less frequently used papers).  They are great for people living in small spaces that may need to have mobile accessibility or hide things away.

A good size fire proof safe is also a very important tool for the well organized and prepared home.  Costco also has a sale on one model this week (this could be a good fathers day gift)!Yet another essential in a well organized home is a good quality cross cut shredder with a 10+ page capacity.  This one’s on sale for just under $100.  This is an important investment in your personal security against identity theft and other related crimes.

Recently I’ve started using bins in the refrigerator -my fridge has only 1 drawer:(- to group smaller items by category that don’t always fit in drawers or doors or tend to get shoved to the back and forgotten.  This is something my mom has been doing ever since I can remember, she even uses bins inside larger drawers.  These Fridge Binz at Bed Bath and Beyond are perfect for this, clear and made to hold up to the cold temperatures inside your fridge.  There are several sizes available from $7.99-$19.99.

If you can manage to find this in stock (it’s been very popular and is currently out of stock online), the Umbra Little Black Dress Jewelry organizer is a cute and functional way to organize and see all your jewelry in one hanging spot.  I’m sorry for the late posting this week but there’s still lots of time this week to take advantage of these savings.  Please remember that I’m not personally endorsing any of these products, just sharing the local sales for organizing products in categories that I hope will be helpful and relevant.

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