Wednesday Wellness::Intentions for your Wealth

by heatherkp

I’ve been following along with Danielle LaPort’s blog for a couple years now and I love how she gets to the meat of a topic with poetic and direct wording.  Recently she has begun a weekly series called The Burning Question.  A recent question really caught my attention:

what’s your purpose for money?

I’ve set my intentions in so many areas of my life and I often set my intentions for money and wealth as I sit down to balance my checkbook, pay bills etc.  Her question and some of the responses posted really shifted my awareness to my own intentions around money.  Without consciously realizing it I have many intentions surrounding my wealth and perception of wealth and money.   Not all of them have been positive but right here and now I’m shifting my intentions around my personal wealth! 

With My $$ I will…

  • Support local sustainable food production
  • Purchase art and hand crafted products made with loving hands
  • Broaden my awareness and education (through books I read, coaching series, therapy, workshops, classes etc)
  • Travel to new places to experience new cultures, meet new people and see the beauty of the world
  • Volunteer and donate to others less fortunate or causes that I love and feel passionate about
  • Own a beautiful comfortable home with a pool, garden and an art studio with a view of the water
  • Spoil my friends and family with my generosity
  • Care for many pets and animals (including beekeeping, chickens, cats, dogs and possibly a sheep or goat someday?)
  • Live in comfort and security knowing I never have to worry about the future
  • Collaborate with other creative souls by cultivating creative, sustainable design and organizing solutions!
  • Create beauty…
  • Share the love!

What are your intentions around wealth and money?  How do your conscious or unconscious thoughts steer your financial future?

I invite you to make a conscious shift to define your wealth by setting your intentions around the money that flows in and out of your life.

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