Makeover Monday::Painting Studio Organizing

by heatherkp

Today is the first Monday I will feature before and after images of recent organizing projects.  I was excited to begin working with this artist and be able to help get this beautiful new home studio space set up!

The project encompassed mainly sorting items into categories for usage and designating spaces for each.  I also assisted with placing furniture and other items for use and Inspiration around the studio.  To give you an idea of time needed for this type of project, I worked mainly alone (due to this clients health condition) for about 6 hours to complete the space.

Studio Entrance Before (left) and After (right)

Sink Area Before (left) and After (right)

Studio Looking In Before (left) and After (right)

Studio Opposite View Before (left) and After (right)

This artist now has ample room, light and a well thought out space where each item is closely stored in zones created based upon their designated use.  For example the paints and paint brushes are near the palettes and easels, the drawing tools are near the drawing table, the frames are stored in an out of the way area and there are two comfortable chairs set up for reading (with books nearby for inspiration and research), placing models and sitting back to evaluate ongoing work.  I’ve suggested a couple small projects that will allow for better storage of certain items in the space (paper bins and an area for hanging extra frames).  As I always do with my clients, I will follow up several times to be sure that the space and placement of items is working well and if needed we will make adjustments so the client will be able to maintain a certain level of organization on their own.

Working with artists is a particular passion of mine.  I am so excited for this artist to begin to work in this new space and allow the creative process to flow unhindered by clutter!

One Comment to “Makeover Monday::Painting Studio Organizing”

  1. Talk about a transformation. Today I saw a quote “A minute of organization means an hour of accomplishment.” Hope that works here.

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