Texture Tuesday::Open and Exploring

by heatherkp

Today’s Texture Tuesday image is inspired by the possibility of “open”-ness.  When we are open we can access all that is available to us to move with freedom and ease. I’m feeling very open to new ideas and new directions!

…and speaking of exploration and new ideas I’ve been spending time on the beach nearly every day!  This has been a gift and rather than feel like I “should” be doing something else with my time I’m keeping myself busy getting exercise, practicing my photography skills and getting totally inspired!  One of the many things on the beach I’ve been inspired by is all the textures.  I’ve started a series of photographs that investigate the wide variety of textures I find on the beach.  Eventually I’ll be working these photographs into designs of some sort.

I can see some amazing textiles and rugs coming from these images, can’t you?


One Comment to “Texture Tuesday::Open and Exploring”

  1. Welcome (belatedly) to SC! I grew up in Columbia and spent every summer on the coast so I know how lucky you are to be there! I love the photos above – I have almost exactly the same images pinned to my bulletin board in my studio here in the mountains to remind me of the sea and its designerly inspirations;) Hey – have you looked up Angie Lewin? She’s a designer living on an island in Scotland who takes her botanical inspiration from her surroundings…your move to the coast made me think of her. Soak up some salt air and say hello to SC for me.

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