Moving Monday::2 Week Countdown

by heatherkp

Wow, it’s really only two weeks away now.  The last week my head has been in a fog from grief, stress and a cold!  We are closely watching our eldest cat to see what the fate of her coming with us will be.  She was diagnosed with both cancer and kidney failure early last week and we just don’t know how long she will be with us.  It’s a matter of time and we are just trying to enjoy each day we have with her.  It feels as though all the world is conspiring to make sure this move is bittersweet!  Although so many wonderful things have fallen into place there have also been challenges.  That is life though and I’m trying to embrace the process.

This week we have had some help packing, made sure the storage unit is reserved and are starting to say our goodbyes to people we love here.  We have also submitted our change of address with the USPS (recommended 2 weeks ahead of time).   We’ve begun to line up our moving help, this time enlisting the help of lucky friends and family:)  On Friday before the bad weather I went to my community garden plot and pulled out most of the plants that were done producing:(  I had a pretty great yield from a 10’x20′ plot!  Saturday was a great day for packing since we experienced the freak snow storm that hit the DC metro area (all of the north east).  I thought surely we would be out of here before we saw snow but I guess not!

Next up we will begin to pack clothes, toiletries, staple food items and small furniture.  We will also begin to notify our utility companies.  I’ve only gone to buy groceries one time in the past three weeks since we are trying very hard to use up what we have on hand.  If the weather cooperates this week I will also dig up a few special plants from the yard to take.  In the past I’ve taken far more garden plants but I’ve found that as a Master Gardener, plants tend to find their way to me through other generous gardeners.  So far over 40 boxes have been packed.  My mom gave me a good push and a reality check, she seemed to think we have a lot to do and I thought we were doing pretty well.  Either way, we will get it all done by the 12th but I feel like we are pretty close to being on schedule.


2 Comments to “Moving Monday::2 Week Countdown”

  1. Best thing you have done so far is start early and keep track of priorities. Recording what’s where will prove very benificial when you move into your your “final destination”. We’ll keep helping as much as we can and you need.

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