Moving Monday::Slow Progress

by heatherkp

This past week has been a roller coaster ride, quite literally!  On Saturday October 15th I photographed my first wedding “professionally”.  I feel it was a great success, still working on editing the photo’s but with my husband as my backup/assistant we covered the event well with over 850 photo’s shot.  I’ve narrowed it down to 25o for the couple to choose from.  Next thing on my ride was taking the train up to NYC for a quick visit and interview!  I arrived on Sunday PM, checked into Noliatan on the lower east side.  I was lucky enough to go see the de Kooning retrospective at the MOMA on Monday AM and then interviewed in the afternoon.  No, this doesn’t mean we have changed our minds about moving, if the job works out it would be a telecommute situation.  I did a bit more visiting with friends, family and museums on Tuesday before returning home.

Once home I wasn’t able to focus much on the move as we quickly realized there was an increasing problem with our middle furbaby, Leo.  We took him to the vet Thursday and discovered the problem he was experiencing was oral cancer.  This was a devastating blow and we spent the next 2 days loving and caring for him as best we could.  We made the difficult decision to put him down on Saturday afternoon.

In the midst of all this there hasn’t been much packing going on but since we now have a departure date of November 13th we have a bit more time.  We also managed to book our moving truck and get rid of a few more things.  Will all the challenges we are facing I’m not sure I will be posting as much to the blog.  I am in no state of mind to be rambling on about much with such a hole in my heart and trying to balance the moving situation.  I will just post when I feel up to it.  Once we get settled down a bit I hope to return to a more regular posting schedule but some of the ideas I’ve got for the blog have now been moved to the back burner.


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