Texture Tuesday::Specimines on my windowsill

by heatherkp

It is late so I’m not going to say much BUT this photo was taken with my new Canon 60D!  So far I LOVE IT:)

This is my kitchen windowsill which includes a small vase of flowers, a  “Joy” message stone and a collection of antique miniature jars containing various specimens of moths, insects, flower and plant seeds, mica pieces and Yogi tea messages (because they are better than fortune cookie messages).   I’m taking the time to stop and enjoy the small pieces of our home that I love.  I love that my kitchen sink overlooks the back yard and I’m always bringing a bit of the outdoors inside to my windowsill.  Today’s image was enhanced by Kim Klassen’s texture “Granny’s Cupboard”.  Check out some other photography using her textures here.

Do you decorate your windowsills?

5 Responses to “Texture Tuesday::Specimines on my windowsill”

  1. A great photo capturing your kitchen windowsill…and love this texture. I decorate any free space I can find… any corner I find I create seasonal vignettes, and yes bring the ourside in. I’m on a different journey at the moment so I’m without a house, and miss so much my little spaces! have a great week. Thanks for visiting!


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