25 Random Things

by heatherkp

Since I haven’t been very faithful to blog lately I thought I’d pop in with something fun to share.  I love to learn random things about people, don’t you?  Here are 25 Random things you may not know about me:

1. I have a good sense of direction.
2. I believe in ghosts.
3. I was born in the Philippines.
4. I loved living in the South and want to live there again someday.
5. I don’t forgive others as easily as I probably should.
6. I have a sweet tooth (inherited from my dad).
7. I cherish my friendships and will work to keep the good ones.
8. I am naive (see #2 & 9:)
9. I saw god when I was little.
10. I once swallowed a thumbtack (I was about 8).
11.  I forged my dads’s notes to skip school in HS (I already confessed this to him).
12. I LOVE sitting on my deck for morning tea or dining alfresco.
13. I don’t pay for mani-pedicures so I indulge in lots of nail polish.
14. I do not love mopping floors (I love the look of hard floors but not the maintenance!).
15. I have a loom that’s not assembled that I purchased 5 years ago!
16. I bought my wedding dress and shoes in Italy.
17. I spent a month in Asia for my previous job.
18. I’ve practiced Yoga for 8 years now (usually 2-3x per week).
19. I love to try new things, thus starting a totally new career feels great to me!
20. I became a Master Gardener while living in GA (I was bored I guess?) where I had a half acre yard.
21. I stopped drinking coffee regularly about 6 months ago (I have it on occasion still).
22. I’ve been writing in a journal again every AM for almost 5 years now (what am I going to do with all those journals?).
23. I believe in therapy and coaching to live more mindfully, become more self-aware and I’ve used both therapists and coaches to do so.
24. Green is my favorite color.
25.  I signed a contract agreeing not to complain (gossip, criticism or whining) and have had to resign it 3 times in the last 3 months.

2 Comments to “25 Random Things”

  1. You’re meant to complain, it’s good for you. In moderation…

    • We will agree to dis-agree on this one. I don’t think it’s good to be negative but I also know it’s not possible to be perfectly positive all the time either:)

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