Growth Behind the Scenes

by heatherkp

I’m playing along again today with Texture Tuesday and have used the new and lovely texture called “Stained Linen” by Kim Klassen.  This week’s them is Gardens.  Behind the scenes here I’ve got some garden spaces in my yard, I do a lot of container gardening and this year I decided to sign up for a community garden plot for the first time.  I kept it small with a 200′ square foot plot which I’ve managed to almost fully plant.  I got a late start because of the freaky wet and cool weather we had and now all my little babies are roasting out there!  Hopefully the weather will balance out a little bit in the coming weeks.  Most of what I’m growing I started by seed, including a row of sunflowers.

This little Eggling contains a sunflower that I started about a week ago.  This was a Christmas gift from my brother and sister in law and I finally decided to give it a try.  I took my time to crack it open and have been watching the sunflower sprout on my kitchen windowsill.  I think I’ll transplant this baby out and use the eggling for starting seeds.  I’ll start a Nasturtium next.

There’s a lot of other growth going on behind the scenes here as well.  This past week we had all new hard wood floors installed and are still busy painting all our walls, ceilings and trim.  When we are done I’ll post photos of what will be a practically new main floor of our home.  I’m loving the fresh new start!

What do you have growing right now?


4 Comments to “Growth Behind the Scenes”

  1. Tomatoes, radishes & chili peppers! All in containers on my patio. I heard the calcium in egg shells really helps seedlings grow well & it looks cute too!

    • Nikki, yes the calcium is great (so are coffee grounds for acid loving plants). I do a lot of container gardening on my deck as well (to keep the plants away from the deer). You’ll have to come over sometime with miss s.

  2. The Egglings are so darned cute! We don’t have much growing around here. We are actually doing the opposite. We have a few old trees that we are getting rid of, reluctantly. But once that is done, I am off to look for some new trees.

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