What’s bugging me? Termites vs Ants…

by heatherkp

Small but mighty damage they bring!!  Termites have invaded and currently my house is in utter chaos due to them.  As I listen to my hardwood floors being ripped up I am thinking of the beautiful new floors that will be installed in a few days and am glad we will be treating tomorrow to rid our home of these nasty little devils.

This year has also been particularly bad for ants in the mid Atlantic area.   I hear that carpenter Ants and termites go hand and hand so they will be treating for them as well.  All of this may be a strange lead up to the photo I’m sharing for today’s Texture Tuesday but I wanted to share some good Ants with you and escape from the chaos below into the beauty of a simple blossom.

My Peonies are in full bloom right now and the other day as I was outside appreciating their beauty, I wondered what attracts the ants to these blossoms.  This is one situation where the ants are not destructive and the peonies don’t need them to pollinate (it’s a myth that I had never bothered to research till now).  The ants are neutral and are simply attracted to the sweet nectar of the blooms and do not harm the plants.   In fact there is speculation and study that they may be aiding in the opening of the blossoms which are so tightly closed.  Since I have enough critters in my house at the moment I picked myself a couple blooms to enjoy inside being sure to leave the ants outdoors.

What’s Bugging you today?

2 Comments to “What’s bugging me? Termites vs Ants…”

  1. Wow, the peony looks gorgeous! I’m not a big fan of ants, but as long as they are outside and not destroying anything, then well, no harm done. Sorry to hear of the termites in your floors, what a nightmare. Bugs be gone! (just visiting from Texture Tuesday).

  2. Yikes! That is why I don’t have peonies:) But they are so beautiful…
    Sorry about your indoor critters…

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