by heatherkp

Dear Universe and Great Creator; I’d like to share a few wishes I’d like to manifest in a BIG way:

  • For two special couples who are beloved family members (& no I’m not related to the Royal Couple!) to have beautiful weather and blessed marriages as they join in matrimony this weekend!
  • New curtains for my Living Room, I know they exist.  Preferably a beautiful linen or line cotton blend (perhaps with some nice nubbly texture).
  • Please let the plants I dug up from my mom’s be Foxgloves and not weeds!
  • A great quality local printer who has some beautiful recycled content paper for my new business cards to be printed upon…
  • A big load of compost to be delivered to my community garden plot.
  • A few new clients.
  • For my landlord to please take better care of our home (paint the ceilings, fix the fence, remove the doggone ivy that’s destroyed the fence)…or pay us to do the work for him!
  • To overcome my fear and ride a horse~silly old childhood incident I want to move past.
  • To live nearer to the ocean one day:) I have this belief you are drawn towards nature inspired by your birth place and I’m a tropical baby!
  • To become a better public speaker.

A big thanks to Moments of Perfect Clarity for giving me the idea for this post!  I may make it a regular part of my routine to share my wishes some Wednesdays.

What are you wishing you could have manifested in your life today?

4 Responses to “Wednesday::Wishes”

  1. wow I’d never thought of sharing my wishes out there into the big wide world – it’s normally something I write about privately. I guess it comes round to that crazy thing on having guilt or shame about wanting better or bigger things for yourself. Good for you for having the courage to share… I’ll take a gulp & share a few of mine
    * to regain the balance in my life
    * to live in a home that can comfortably accommodate my beloved fabrics & yarns
    * for enough clients to hold regular monthly creative workshops
    * to have regular and abundant cashflow
    * to visit India with all its textiles, architecture and culinary delights
    * to better connect to and engage with my peeps
    * for an ethical textile manufacturer who is willing to send me offcuts to use in a project I have in mind
    Thanks for the inspiration Heather – I hope you do make this a regular feature

    • I love your wishes Lisa. Of course there are some that I don’t feel I can share out “here” but I think that sharing some intentions is a BIG way to invite them to manifest in your life. I probably won’t do this weekly but I’ll do it from time to time. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. First – a deep, quiet breath. Aaaah. Beautiful, beautiful post. Beginning with that stunning photograph. And followed by your wishes. A perfect moment. Thank you


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