I’m Loving Change

by heatherkp

What does that quote mean?  Have you ever really pondered this and wondered how it works?

If you want something in your life to change, you have to change your actions right?  I’ve announced here that things are changing as I shift over to my new business face for this blog.

It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s fun…I LOVE CHANGE!  I need to say that a few more times okay?  I LOVE CHANGE!!!

I use to live by this motto and seek out ways to invite change into my life but somewhere along the lines as I got older and more settled into the comfortable life I had created for myself I began to be a little afraid of change.

What?  I’m looking back and saying to myself, HOW, WHERE AND WHEN did this happen?  I don’t like it and I’m going back to LOVING CHANGE!

Part of why I think I’ve been drawn to my new calling as an Organizer that it’s all about helping people through a process of change.  I’m fascinated by what becomes a catalyst for change in peoples lives.  It seems so often that people don’t change something until they HAVE TO.  Why is that?

I’ve always been the kind of person who invites change into my daily life, ask my husband, ask my friends…I re-arrange furniture, artwork and re-organize closets at the drop of a hat.  Then I sit back and observe how one change is the catalyst for another.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of making a change to consider creating change rather than reacting to something else to allow change into your life.  Creative action will invite the kind of change that is rewarding and lasting.  Allowing things to change as you react to “stuff” happening in your life isn’t a bad way to go either but if  you can decide consciously in action and create an intention for your change then you will shift the change from reactive to creative.  Now that’s the kind of change I want to encourage!

This process is so amazing to watch; once you have laid the ground work you can sit back and let the dominoes follow the new pattern you have laid out!

What is a catalyst for change in your life?   Is it reactive or creative?

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