Wednesday Wellness::Time out

by heatherkp

I’m returning today for a quick Wednesday Wellness check in because Time Out has been on my mind lately.   Partly this is because I’m beginning to incorporate these breaks into my daily practice and partly because I feel like I’ve recently taken a time out from my blogging.  My more sporadic entries will  continue for a little while as I shift gears into my new business of Professional Organizing.  I want to continue to bring fun, creative topics about my personal interests but I also really want to share with you tips and subjects related to my new business venture.  I hope you will bear with me as I take a little time off (not completely but less frequently) to allow myself time to shift gears.

Time out isn’t a form of punishment we only recall from our childhood!  It can be an effective strategy in our daily lives to combat boredom, distraction, stress and a lack of inspiration!  Many experts agree on different methods of time out, or scheduled bordeom as some call it.  The idea here is to give yourself the space and time to breath, think or allow your mind to wander so that when you are deeply entrenched in a project you don’t get so easily distracted by all those “shiny objects”, weather they be emails, blogs, the kids, co-workers chatting in the next cubie etc…

Time out can become a daily practice, stop once an hour if you work at your computer and get a drink, go to the bathroom, step outside or whatever.  Come back re-freshed and ready to focus again.  Once a day schedule a 10-15 min break to DO NOTHING!  This is really hard for some people to grasp but boy is it effective once you start putting it into practice.  If you give your mind a chance to wander freely then when you need it to stay focused it’s a little more cooperative.  This scheduled boredom can be sitting in a chair, lying down or however you are comfortable but you should be in a place where others will not disturb you (including phone’s, kids, pets or co-workers).

I’ve been working on incorporating both of these practices into my daily habits.  Working from home required a great deal of discipline but I’m finding that these scheduled breaks really help me stay on task and focused when I really need to crank something out.

Do you schedule breaks or time out for yourself in your daily practices?

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