Texture Tuesday::Sakura

by heatherkp

Just popping in briefly to share with you a couple images of these incredibly gorgeous spring blooming magnolias and Sakura. I had the chance yesterday to visit the well known Kenwood neighborhood, which in the DC area is second only to the Tidal basin during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

It was a perfectly beautiful day with 80 degree temps, a light breeze and blossoms in full bloom!

With these images I’m playing around with a little texture fun using combination’s of overlays with my photo’s.  So, what do you think of them?

This week I’ve used ‘Warm Sun’ along with ‘She loves you yeah’ and ‘February magic edges’.  Kim Klassen is the artist who creates these textures and all three of these is available for FREE download over on her site.  She has some incredible texture bundle packages and photoshop tutorials available as well.  Check out her beautiful photography and texture work.

11 Responses to “Texture Tuesday::Sakura”

  1. Wonderful work. Such a soft subject. Having fun aren’t you…..I can tell. We are learning so much aren’t we? Happy Tues.

  2. I LOVEEEE the second one…I like close up so much. That is almost abstract and really good use of texture:)

    • Thank you Henrietta, flower Macro is one of my favorite types of photography. I think that one was the most successful use of the texture as well (I also used “She loves you yeah” on that one).

  3. Hi Heather. These pictures are stunning! Thanks for the link to Kim’s site. The book you were curious about is called The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have!

  4. I really like all these, particularly the middle image. Nice photography and processing.


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