Mundane Monday::Rubber Bands

by heatherkp

Rubber Bands may be considered by some to be mundane because they are used for all sorts of everyday things.  They stretch, they hold things together, they bunch up, they come in many colors and they can be spotted these days being used in lots of unconventional ways.  Here is a round up of some of the unusual rubber band findings including jewelry, vessels or containers some beautiful artwork!

Painted Desert Ring by Margarita Mileva

Rubber Band Dress by M2 (same artist as above)

Floral Pin by Margarita Mileva

The three pieces above are examples of work by M2-Margarita Mileva of Milev Architects where her work explores “opportunity to experiment with new design challenges, ideas, materials and forms” as seen through the eyes of an architect.  Fabulous, don’t you think?  She is certainly someone who stands out as truly innovative.

Fine Rubber Bands by RuRong

Rong Rubber Band Necklace

Red Rubber Band Ring by Colleen Baran

Double Rubber Band Ring by Colleen Baran

The two rings above are by Jewelry artist and designer Colleen Baran.  She blogs about her Ring A Day project over at her blog SeeSeeBe.  Check it out, she’s got some wacky and cool rings (and other stuff).

Rubber Band Cube by An Pham

Rubber Band Cube by An Pham

Samica Rubber Band Artwork by An Pham

Samica Rubber Band Artwork by An Pham

Vessels by Unknown artist

Rubber Band Digital Art by Patrick Gunderson

Long Woven Earrings by Amila Hrustic

Woven Earrings by Amila Hrustic

Necklace by Christian Diehl

Each one of these artist works with rubber bands as well as other materials, sometimes digital, sometimes photography, architecture or landscape.  The work they do explores the possibility available to each of us in what we might consider Mundane materials.  Seeing beyond the mundane to the possibilities is what makes these artist work so interesting.

6 Responses to “Mundane Monday::Rubber Bands”

  1. WordPress is acting funny today and not allowing me to format with all the photo’s centered. Hope this doesn’t annoy you as much as it does me!

  2. Hi Heather, I’m in Christine’s UYL and followed your link. Love the rubber bands and was delighted to see the work of someone I “know”. Colleen Baran’s metal work is truly wonderful. And all the rubber band rings she was able to come up with during RAD were so much fun! Clever girl, she. I took part in RAD too and am now doing Ring a Week in 2011.

    Loved your photos of France too. Makes me want to get on a plane. I look forward to getting to know you in UYL.

  3. Thanks for the lovely feature Heather!
    A great selection- The rubber band bowls are fabulous!

    And hello Lora- thanks for the compliments! nice to see you here:)

    To see all 365/365 rings they’re all on Flickr- . My blog only showed the first few months.
    I do see one edit- My blog is call SeeSeeBe (just one e on the end & all one word)

    • Colleen, I’ll get right on that typo. Glad you enjoyed this round up. I love your Rings and other jewelry, what a fun project. I don’t think I can stick with something like that for a year but for a month or so I like to explore different things. I’ll be sharing a feature next Monday on some stuff I’m doing with Bread tabs.


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