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February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wellness::Drink Up!

by heatherkp

Drink as much water as possible every day and  take good quality supplements (especially if you are not a big veggie and fruit fan).

Are you getting your recommended 8 glasses (8 oz) of water a day?

There are some tricks I can offer to help you with this goal.  One is to try to drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the AM.  Drink 1 first thing when you get up and try to drink another before you have your breakfast.  Sometimes I’ll mix a little bit of juice in or squeeze lemon or lime juice but for the most part I try to just drink it down!  I’m going to go off on a little tangent here about they quality of water you drink.  For the most part we have a pretty amazing resource of clean drinking water right at our taps in the US.  I do not have any super fancy water filtration system in my house.  I use a filtered water pitcher and the water filter that is in my refrigerator’s water dispenser, that’s it folks!  If you have some serious health problems or feel so inclined then by all means I would not discourage anyone from drinking even cleaner water but for me, it’s not a necessity.

I do not drink bottled water, unless I bottled it myself!

Ughh, I just can’t feel right about adding all those plastic bottles to the landfills (or even the recycling bins) so I opt for my BPA free plastic or aluminum bottle and generally take it with me everywhere.  Invest in a good one and a BIG one!

DIY Recycled plastic bottle project

If you can’t seem to kick the bottled water habit maybe you could recycle some into these quite beautiful vases.  I got this image from a Norwegian magazine a couple years old.  You get the idea  cut them, reassemble or manipulate them by melting (you could try forming over a shape in a low oven also).  Please take extreme caution as with anything you might do using high heat, melting plastic and fire.  Work in a well ventilated area, don’t leave fire unattended, etc. etc…

…and while your working on that why not watch one of these Documentaries about water?

I’ve seen most of these and a few others but I highly recommend Blue Gold: World Water Wars and Flow.  These films may just make you realize how lucky you are if you have clean drinking water.

If we can kick the bottled water habit maybe we can convince Congress to also.  Can you believe that with all this talk of fiscal responsibility Congress spends approximately $2000 per representative per year on bottled water? That’s absurd!  Read the DC Water press release where they offer to help Congress kick the habit and make cleaner water available by supplying each member of congress with a reusable water bottle.

Okay, so back to the health benefits of water :

  • SURVIVAL-Yep you all know it, without it we will perish (we are up to 60% water)!
  • Lubricate your joints (especially if you suffer from joint problems such as arthritis)
  • Help prevent high Cholesterol & Heart Disease
  • Loose weight
  • Have more energy
  • Help prevent depression (your Brain is up to 85% water!)
  • Healthy and Beautiful Skin
  • Eliminate wastes and toxins (help prevent diseases such as Cancer)
  • Maintain the proper PH levels

So, don’t wait till you are thirsty drink up for your well being!

PS.  Do you take supplements?  If you don’t you might want to consider it and ask your doctor to be sure you are be tested for any nutrient deficiencies when you get your annual blood work done.  My husband just found out he is Vitamin D deficient, which is becoming quite a common problem with an easy solution.

Bee Well Today!