Wednesday Wellness::Eat Well

by heatherkp

Eat lots of organic and local produce!

I don’t want to lecture anyone here so if you don’t want to hear it just look at the pretty pictures and move on, but I promise I won’t get preachy!  The truth is though, we can all eat a little better right? We can try to eat less sugar, more whole grains, more produce and we can be be more aware about how far the foods we eat are traveling and how much they are processed.

Norman's Farm Market

Norman's Farm Market

When I became a Master Gardener back in 2003 I began to grow more of my own veggies and joined my first CSA.  Since then I’ve continued to grow some of my own produce and I’ve become an avid supporter of local farmers.  In the last several years I’ve been quite involved in local programs that encourage people to learn and grow some of their own food.  Here in Maryland a program was launched called Grow It Eat It to help educate Maryland residents on sustainable food growing practices.  Your local extension office probably has a lot of free information available to you via classes, plant clinics, free downloads etc…check them out!

Norman's Farm Market CSA

Norman's Farm Market CSA

I believe strongly in using and supporting Organic practices (even though I have a working knowledge of IPM) especially when growing any kind of produce.  There is a lot of controversy out there about weather Organic is more nutritious, better for the land etc.  I generally go with what seems right and logical to me.  It doesn’t seem right to be pumping a bunch of chemicals into our agricultural system, it damages other connected environments and we can’t isolate the negative effects so it just seems right to abandon that method for safer practices.

Red Wiggler Farm CSA

Red Wiggler Farm CSA (lettuce varieties)

Right now is generally the time that CSA’s are signing up customers for the upcoming growing season.  If you have never tried a CSA you might want to think about doing so this year!  It’s a great way to meet local people you have something in common with, get to know a local farmer and support a local small business!  And most importantly for your health, it’s a great way to eat more healthy by having regular access to local (perhaps organic) and varied produce.

To find a local CSA, farmers market or Co-Op visit the Local Harvest website.  I like to encourage you to eat well by eating more produce that is produced well!

5 Responses to “Wednesday Wellness::Eat Well”

  1. I need to do all of this – badly. But I’m so bad at planning ahead. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Elizabeth, that’s what makes a CSA so great (you just plan to GET the produce) and then once a week you would probably need to go pick it up (but some deliver). No produce shopping at the grocery store! Just do what you can today (as my yoga instructor wisely advises).

  2. You said it! Living here in the San Francisco bay area, we are really, really spoiled when it comes to good, fresh locally grown produce but I’m seeing the movement grow nationwide really quickly. It’s so good to see people caring about what they eat. I highly recommend joining There are numerous regional chapters and it’s a great way to connect with other people near you who love their food.

    • I love slow foods, I haven’t joined the DC chapter but I often check their website to see what ideas they are sharing and promoting. Having lived in GA and now back in the DC metro area I’d have to agree that the movement is gaining national (if not global) awareness! Thanks for visiting!


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