Wednesday Wellness::Exercise for Mind & Body

by heatherkp

What kind of exercise makes you feel good?  Do you love to take walks, dance, practice yoga, run, spin, lift weights?  I know that when I get regular exercise I feel better physically and mentally and I’m so much more creative.  When I’m stuck creatively I find that taking a quick walk can spur on the creative ideas.

Exercise is really as vital to my mental health as physical.  When I’m getting regular and routine exercise I’m a more happy person and I don’t tend to dwell on or over-analyze negative thoughts.  Without exercise I tend to get sucked into that downward mental spiral.

Nia Jam (photo courtesy Suzannah Weiss

My absolute favorite forms of exercise are dance, walking and yoga.  I practice this particular form of dance called Nia which incorporates different forms of dance as well as martial arts and yoga.  I love it and try to practice in a class once a week (it’s a little hard to find classes where I live) and once a week via DVD.  I also practice yoga 2-3 times a week and try to take as many walks (2-3 at least 30 min each).  When I get a minimum of this much exercise I feel pretty good.  I’ll often add in some weight lifting and stretching if I really want an energy burst or feel like I need it.

Why do you exercise, does it keep you inspired, de~stressed or energized?  What is your favorite type of exercise?

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