Wednesday Wellness::Sleep Well

by heatherkp

Do you get enough sleep?  Being well and feeling well literally begins with getting a good night sleep.  I know that I generally need 7-8 hours of sleep a night to feel my best.  I am not really able to sleep in past 7 or 8 so this means I have to get to bed by 11 or 12 at the latest.  We each have to listen to our internal clocks to determine the right amount of sleep and the optimal time for sleep.

I know the practice of napping is something some people swear by but I’ve never been able to nap.  I’m just not a napper, wish I was!  So that means I need to get that sleep at night because once I’m up, I’m up.

There are so many fascinating studies that illustrate all the ways in which sleep is important for us.  Lack of sleep and fatigue can lead to stress, weight gain, depression, anxiety, heart and other health problems (especially with sleep disorders) and it can be downright dangerous (as in driving and falling asleep etc).

One Comment to “Wednesday Wellness::Sleep Well”

  1. I know how it feels to not being able to sleep even when you are trying your best. I couldnt sleep because i was always wondering if I was going to lose my job if I would have to start living pay check to pay check and this produced a lot of unneeded stress in my life and probably yours too.

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