by heatherkp

I finally joined Pinterest in December and I’ve found it to be such a fantatic tool for organizing all the things that inspire me!  I was worried (as you may be too?) that it would just be another website that sucks time away from my day but I’ve found that’s not really the case.

I find that I use the Pinterest bookmarklet to pin things as I’m browsing other sites.  In the past I’d have to do a screen capture and or bookmark the site or subscribe to the blogroll or favorite them via Etsy or Flickr and going back to try to find anything was next to impossible!  Some people also use Tumblr for this purpose but I’m loving the way Pinterest works and how I can create my own categories, tags etc.  Here is one of my collection of THINGS::Girly Frilly Things to be more specific!

And here is a board of THINGS::Tactile Texiles to be more specific.  I love the flexibility of this new website!

Click on these photos for links to the boards and for more specifics about each pin.  For now you need an invitation to join but you should get a response from them within a few days at most.  Are you on Pinterest?  What do you love about it?

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