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November 25, 2010

Daily Gratitude~Thanks!

by heatherkp

About 2 years ago I started a Gratitude Journal as I was reading The Artist Way.  I also started writing in a journal every morning (well almost).  After I had filled the journal below I incorporated this practice into my daily journal.

This practice has helped keep me grounded through a year that has been filled with un-anticipated highs and lows.  Starting every day by realizing and giving voice to the things that I am grateful for really puts life in perspective.  Some days it’s a lot easier than others but just forcing yourself to take a little time to reflect on what you are grateful for is such a wonderful practice.

So, on this Thanksgiving day when we American’s traditionally stop to give thanks; I’d like to share some of the things I am truly grateful for.

~My family who are all in good health and are finding happiness and prosperity in ways that constantly amaze me.

~Challenging myself to learn new things and get started on some of those things I’ve always wanted to do.

~The love of my husband and three furry fuzzy sweet kitties.

~Reconnecting with old friends (this year was my 20 year HS reunion!) in unexpected ways.  Finding new friends in unexpected places.

~The opportunity to start my own business!

~Understanding that I am not defined by my career, my education, the way I dress or any other solitary thing.

~Knowing that each stage of life is only a chapter in “the book of  life”.

~Time reflect and get to know myself again.

~Sharing the appreciation of local farms & food with others.  I’m truly grateful for the farmers who work so hard to bring us this food.  I’ll be feasting with my family upon a local meal this Thanksgiving.