Passion and Purpose

by heatherkp

Without it life can be so hum drum!  I am a very passionate person but I’ve learned over the years to channel my passion in creative ways rather than let it be overwhelming.  I feel passion in the seat of my belly and sometimes it is a physically overwhelming feeling.  I think that in order to do something really well you have to have passion and purpose about what you are doing.

When I am not feeling passionate about a project, a design, a piece of artwork etc…I try and take the time to find that passion again by looking at it differently or by stepping away for awhile.  Sometimes it takes looking to another area of my life I feel passionate about, like cooking and eating good food, spending time with friend, dancing or taking a walk outdoors with my camera.  When I allow myself this time to redirect and find that spark then I can return with a purposeful intent to complete what I have started.

Finding passion in something or about something isn’t always the same as feeling you are doing something purposeful.   Having a purpose in life, in your career choices, in your relationships, through giving or volunteering with others, that’s what drives us to keep doing something even when we have lost that moment of passion.  Passion is fleeting, purpose is permanent.  I strive to live a life doing things I am passionate about while feeling they are contributing to a deeper purpose.

How do you find your passionate drive and do you know your purpose?

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