Invoking the Spirit of Play

by heatherkp

Cats, dogs play and children usually play on a daily basis…why don’t we make the time to play more as adults?  Some of us play sports, some of us play board games, some of us play musical instruments. 
When I get particularly stressed my automatic response is the opposite of play.  I think of all the things I need to do or that I should be doing.  What I should actually do is make some play time, give my brain a little time off and free myself of all that is causing me stress.  Last year for the holidays I broke down and got my husband a PSP player and I’ve found myself playing video games now and then.  I don’t “Play” any musical instruments but love to hear my husband play guitar.  Sometimes play for me means sitting down and creating jewelry, knitting, making something with my hands or taking a walk with my camera and not taking the end product too seriously.  

During one of the blizzard we had last winter we lost power for about 12 hours.  One of the most fun parts of that blizzard is bundling up with blankets and candles and playing monopoly on our bed and Humm… my husband still owes me the completion that game!

How do you invoke the spirit of play?

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