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August 17, 2010


by heatherkp

Moving directly from my last entry I would like to explore the idea of collaboration.  My last project was a collaboration between myself, another artist and the client.  Each and every custom design is just that, at least that’s the way I view it.  My job on any custom project is to help fulfill someone else’s vision.  As an artist and designer I am find myself getting stuck on certain projects or pieces from time to time and usually if I can find a way to collaborate then I can break free of those limitations.  Over the last several years I have been involved in quite a few collaborative projects.  I’ve both been invited to collaborate and organized collaborative projects.  You can view some images of my last project “Collaborative Visions” over HEREAbove is a mosaic of several in progress pieces from a previous art project and there are more images over HERE.  These projects never fail to inspire me to look at my process differently.  I love seeing how other’s react to things I create intuitively and vice versa.  We don’t take these projects too seriously, we  have fun with them.  That’s the whole point, to liberate ourselves beyond our own creative process.

I can promise you will be seeing a lot of collaborative work here at HKPowerstudio.  It is something I want to explore in more depth on both a professional level and in a more personal creative way.  How and why do you collaborate?